More Quilts from the Ladies of St. James the Less

The ladies of St. James the Less in Northfield, Illinois have made over 100 quilts for Quilts Beyond Borders since they first met June Colburn, one of our founders, at a quilt festival in 2008. Recently I had the opportunity to meet with Sue Babbs, who organizes the group, in Arlington Heights where we had a great lunch and a chance to get to know each other. Sue brought along with her 28 quilts that have been made by the group. I will be taking at least one from each of the quilters with me to Ethiopia when I leave next week, some have been packed up and are being sent to a missionary to take to Uganda in May, and others will be headed to Burundi in June.

Please see all the lovely and colorful quilts below — and a picture of Sue transferring the quilts to me! Great thanks to Sue, Anita, Nancy, Ann, Betsy, Cricket, Debra, Michele, Jill, Meredith, Donna and Hilary. And thanks for all the other quilts you’ve provided over the years!

These quilts have such fun and colorful fabrics. I know the children who receive them will really enjoy them!



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