More Quilts by Keri

Keri, in Amherst OH, has contributed her quilting skills to the completion of four more quilts. The tops were originally sewn together by Theola B., Virginia L., Mylaka, and a QBB friend. Keri did an incredible job enhancing each quilt’s personality with her longarm skills. Keri also included a new business card advertising her longarm quilting service, Quilts by Keri. You can visit her website, to learn more about her services.

Keri, also donated some adorable quilters flannels, which will very soon be put to use with a number of tops I have been receiving. It is important to note that Quilts Beyond Borders LOVES receiving donations of quilters fabrics. Just TWO YARDS of fabric can be used as a quilt backing, and we always need fabric in addition to your amazing quilt donations.

Keri, thank you for doing such incredible work and for the generous fabric donation. I hope your special quilt project you are currently working on turns out great. – Jodi



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