More Tops from Andover Fabric Samples

Now that I have the pile of Andover Fabric samples worked down to a manageable level, I am able to spend more time making more complex designs in the tops.   It was a lot of fun making these tops because I had such great fabric to work with.   I took these to work to show my co-workers and the favorites seemed to be the Tumbling Blocks and the flowers in the window ones in bright yellow and bright orange.  I think my favorite is the Tumbling Blocks one, but that Garden Maze is coming in a close second.



6 Responses to “More Tops from Andover Fabric Samples”

  1. Carla Says:

    Wow!! Those are gorgeous! I think Garden Maze is my favorite! I love it with the black strips. Really, really beautiful!


  2. Audrey Says:

    They are all beautiful. I just love the tumbling blocks

  3. Martha Ginn Says:

    Carolyn, these tops are beautiful, and you have featured the prints to their best advantage. Yes, I agree that the tumbling blocks is my favorite, but obviously took longer to make than the larger block ones. My guild makes children’s quilts all year to donate to local hospitals, shelters, and children of deploying soldiers. What a joy this is, but it does eat into your personal quilting goals and we sometimes have to get more protective with our time! Martha Ginn

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