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June 30, 2012

Donna S., from Buffalo, NY and an avid quilter for Quilts Beyond Borders recently sent me photos of quilts she sent to Orphans Outreach for our current Russia project with the organization. She also recently sent me five additional quilts for our July commitment to the same organization. Needless to say, Donna is a powerhouse with an incredibly generous heart.

I’m hoping my detailed photos will show off the text quilted into a couple of the quilts Donna sent to me. The quilts had words such as love, happiness, and Quilts Beyond Borders as a part of the quilting. It’s those extra special touches that make these quilts unique and special.

Thank you, Donna, for everything you do. – Jodi


More Quilts for Kichene

June 29, 2012

When Linda, Brenda and I were in Ethiopia in April we visited a feeding center called Kichene, and delivered quilts to more than 30 needy children that were in Kindergarten there. The staff at Kichene asked if we might be able to deliver 100 more for older children who have meals there. Our North Carolina Regional Coordinator, Noreen Fling, has been coordinating the delivery of those additional 100 quilts to Cherokee Gives Back in Raleigh since then. Cherokee has volunteers who are going over to Ethiopia over the summer and will take the quilts with them. Over the last couple of weeks Noreen and June Colburn (who were both the original founders of Quilts Beyond Borders along with Noreen’s daughter Holly), recently delivered 65 quilts to Cherokee and are pulling together the next delivery to meet the commitment of 100.

Noreen sent me these picture of some of the quilts they delivered to Cherokee last week. The first one was made by Meredith Glaze, age 11. The remainder were made by Lori Prohak, who has made over 100 quilts for us over the years!

Thanks to both Meredith and Lori for making these very cute quilts, and thanks to Noreen and June for transporting the quilts to get them to Cherokee.  Thank you also to the Cherokee Gives Back volunteers for taking the quilts over to Ethiopia and delivering them to Kichene for us.  Through the work you all have done, 100 children will sleep comfortably warmed by a quilt this summer!



Beautiful Quilts from Loretta

June 28, 2012

Today on our blog we’re featuring 10 quilts that were received from Loretta Kelldorf. Loretta has wonderful timing, as we’re still pulling together our commitment to Orphan Outreach for 100 quilts in July. These will help with their mission work in countries like Guatemala, Honduras, Latvia, India and Russia.

Loretta quilted all of these beautiful tops. The first four quilts were made from tops by Carolyn Sower.

The next two quilts are by Marilyn Barba and Dede Cranford.


The next two tops were quilted by Loretta, and pieced by an unknown piecer.  If you know who made them, please let us know so we can give credit where credit is due.


The final two quilts were made entirely by Loretta for us.


Thank you so much, Loretta, Carolyn, Marilyn and Dede.  The quilts are all beautiful, and the children who receive them will surely cherish them.



The fourth,

Quilts from Keri in Ohio

June 26, 2012

Keri Celik of Amherst, OH recently quilted four adorable tops by Theola Breaux, Carolyn Sower,Debi Jackson, and De De Crawford. Most of the tops are animal and circus themed, and they are all equally festive. I included a detailed photograph of the whale quilting pattern, which I haven’t seen before. It’s precious. As well, I included a detail of the puppy dog print included in Carolyn’s top.

Each one of these quilts are sure to warm a child’s heart and bring them great comfort when they wrap their quilt around them and snuggle up.

Keri also included a fabric donation from one of her clients. All of these fabrics are perfect for our needs, which include kitting up tops and backings for our volunteer longarm quilters. A special thank you to Keri and her client for donating their time and materials to Quilts Beyond Borders. Cheers- Jodi

Quilt Delivery at All For Christ Feeding Center in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

June 26, 2012

When Linda, Brenda and I were in Addis in April, we ran out of time. Our schedule just simply couldn’t mesh with the meal schedule at All For Christ Feeding Center. When we could be there, the kids weren’t there. And when they were there, we were teaching sewing classes or making deliveries at orphanages. Finally we entrusted all the remaining quilts to Caroline Williams, the program manager at Cherokee House where we were staying. Caroline promised to deliver the quilts and make sure pictures were taken so we could vicariously share in the experience.

I received the pictures a few days ago.  Caroline’s parents and her sisters, Elizabeth and Rush, were visiting, so Caroline turned the quilt delivery into a great family activity.  See the pictures below:

The last two pictures above were a bonus.  These were among the ones Caroline had taken while we were still there.  One is of an enthusiastic quilt recipient giving me a BIG hug at Kichene and the final picture is of an adorable little girl we’d seen when we were at Ahope orphanage, clearly very please to be covered in a quilt that Linda and I had made.

Thanks to Caroline and the entire Williams Family for delivering these quilts and sharing the pictures with us.  It looks like it was a really special day for the family and for all those children who received quilts.



Four Additional Quilts from New Day Quilting

June 24, 2012

Ellen Breunig of New Day Quilting and Fiber Designs in Hartland, WI has quilted another four quilts for Quilts Beyond Borders. The four tops were originally pieced by Jan in Texas, De De Crawford, Caitlyn Cribbs, and Myrna Ley Baccus, and Ellen’s quilting really brings each quilt to life.

I included a couple of detailed shots of Ellen’s quilting. I particularly like the stitch pattern on the red and yellow quilt.

Ellen, thank you for continuing to quilt for Quilts Beyond Borders. You are making a difference with every stitch you make! – Jodi

6 great quilts from Nan and Jennifer

June 23, 2012

Nan Soles Fishpaw of Sew Easy to Quilt, Inc. in Wimauma, Florida and her friend, Jennifer Kay, recently sent us these 6 great quilts.  They combined their talents and used the tops we sent for demo-ing at a show they did together.  Nan said she provided the backing and did the binding and Jennifer did most of the quilting.  Well, they certainly all came together beautifully!

These three quilts were from tops made by our friend and “frequent topper”, Donna Sciandra.  Donna’s made dozens of tops for us over the last couple of years, and all of them are always beautifully pieced!  These three quilts will be going to Orphan Outreach for their mission work in India, Guatemala or Honduras.


The next top was made by Billie Lynn.  It will be going to Russia for one of the teen-aged girls who is “aging out” of an orphanage there.

The final top is an adorable nursery rhyme panel quilt that Nan put in the box as an extra surprise for us.  It’s adorable, and some child is going to be thrilled to cuddle up with it!  This quilt will also be going along with Orphan Outreach on one of their July mission trips.

Thank you, Nan and Jennifer, for the lovely quilts!  I know the recipients will treasure them!



A Lovely Trio from Blacksburg, VA

June 21, 2012

Anytime I see a package arrive from Blacksburg I want to shout “Go Hokies!” and cheer on the Virginia Tech football team. This happened recently when I received these three recently completed quilts from Tamra O.

Carolyn made the multi-colored block quilt with borders, Audrey made the A-frame top, and Ida G. made the top with the flower blocks.

Tamra did a great job quilting these tops, and they arrive when we have such an incredible demand for quilts. Thank you, Tamra, for sharing your skills in order to better the lives of others. -Jodi

Call for Finished Quilts — And Thank You Jeanette Ferin!

June 20, 2012

Quilts Beyond Borders has had an amazing year so far, and it’s not even half over! We’ve given 870 quilts to orphans and needy children in Ethiopia, Burundi, Uganda, Cameroon and Guatemala. We’re currently pulling together an additional group of 36 for orphans in Russia, and we’re trying to muster 100 more to give to Orphan Outreach in July to support their work in South America and other places.

Of course, we started the year with a lot of quilts, but at this point we’ve just about depleted our inventory of completed quilts. We have a couple hundred tops out to quilters, and we’re kitting up more tops on a daily basis. Of course not all of these will come back in time to make our July delivery to Orphans Outreach, which brings me to my first objective in writing this blog post — to ask those of you reading this if you have any quilts that are complete that you might be able to donate? If you currently have any, or might be able to whip up one or two over the next week or so, we’d be very grateful. If you have any quilts you’d be able to donate, please contact us at our gmail address and we’ll give you the address of our nearest regional coordinator so you can send it to us.  Here’s our gmail address:

Please note that we are a 501(3)(c) non-profit charity, and donations can be deducted from taxes — please see your accountant for details!

Now, the second objective of this post is to say “Thank you very much!” to Jeanette Ferin, who must have read my mind! She sent me a note a couple of weeks ago offering to quilt some tops for us, and asked if we could use some completed quilts she just happened to have made. Yay!!

We received three lovely quilts from Jeanette this week.  The first one is quilted with a clam shell pattern that really gives it an “Art Deco Architecture” feel to me.  The second quilt has a lovely brick path pattern, and is a very charming little quilt.  The final quilt is a stripey melange viewed through a golden window.

These three quilts will be sent off to Orphan Outreach in the very near future. Thank you so much, Jeanette! All three are very lovely, and we appreciate them so much! You’ve got excellent timing!


Round Two by Theola

June 19, 2012

We have so many quilts and tops to show off these days. All of our quilters and toppers are amazing and very dedicated to QBB, and we thank each and everyone of you.

Below are the tops from box #2 created by Theola from Houston.

As usual Theola has outdone herself with these tops. They are sure to bring a smile to many children’s once they are quilted. Thank you, again, Theola. You are a blessing to QBB. – Jodi