8 Cute Quilts from NILAG Members, Debbie, Mary and Sandy

I belong to the Northern Illinois Long Arm Guild, a wonderful group of quilters who have been very supportive to Quilts Beyond Borders during the two years I’ve been a member of the guild. Since the beginning of June various members have been quilting more than 20 quilts for us, and I’m so appreciative! On today’s blog I’d like to feature 8 cute quilts which came from Sandy Smith, Debbie Weber, and Mary A.

The first quilt was quilted by Debbie.  The top was from an unknown piecer, so if anyone recognizes it, please let me know so I can give credit where credit is due.  Debbie is a professional quilter, with a business called “Debquilts” in Wheeling, IL.  She did a lovely job of this top.

The second quilt is a very cute Noah’s Ark quilt made and quilted by Mary A of Rolling Meadows, IL.  She added a back of cozy fleece and made a pretty scalloped border around the edges.  It’s just as cute as can be!  

The last six quilts were all pieced by Carolyn Sower, our pal and QBB alum who I’ve often called the “Queen of Scraps”.  All six of them are really really nice, and  were made from the fabrics donated to us by various manufacturers last November at the IQF in Houston.  Many of them were featured in past blog posts when Carolyn created the tops.

Sandy Smith took these tops and turned them into absolutely beautiful quilts.  Sandy was also kind enough to pick up a box of unbound quilts from me at the last NILAG meeting and is binding them for us.  Sandy, I appreciate that so much!

Debbie, Mary, Sandy and Carolyn, thank you all so much for creating such beautiful quilts!  Some of these will go to some young ladies who are “aging out” of an orphanage in Russia, and will help them to keep warm as they start their lives on their own.  Others will be going to Orphan Outreach to be taken to countries in South America during July.  I know that these 8 quilts will be cherished by their new owners, and will provide warmth and comfort to all of them.  Thank you!




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