Call for Finished Quilts — And Thank You Jeanette Ferin!

Quilts Beyond Borders has had an amazing year so far, and it’s not even half over! We’ve given 870 quilts to orphans and needy children in Ethiopia, Burundi, Uganda, Cameroon and Guatemala. We’re currently pulling together an additional group of 36 for orphans in Russia, and we’re trying to muster 100 more to give to Orphan Outreach in July to support their work in South America and other places.

Of course, we started the year with a lot of quilts, but at this point we’ve just about depleted our inventory of completed quilts. We have a couple hundred tops out to quilters, and we’re kitting up more tops on a daily basis. Of course not all of these will come back in time to make our July delivery to Orphans Outreach, which brings me to my first objective in writing this blog post — to ask those of you reading this if you have any quilts that are complete that you might be able to donate? If you currently have any, or might be able to whip up one or two over the next week or so, we’d be very grateful. If you have any quilts you’d be able to donate, please contact us at our gmail address and we’ll give you the address of our nearest regional coordinator so you can send it to us.  Here’s our gmail address:

Please note that we are a 501(3)(c) non-profit charity, and donations can be deducted from taxes — please see your accountant for details!

Now, the second objective of this post is to say “Thank you very much!” to Jeanette Ferin, who must have read my mind! She sent me a note a couple of weeks ago offering to quilt some tops for us, and asked if we could use some completed quilts she just happened to have made. Yay!!

We received three lovely quilts from Jeanette this week.  The first one is quilted with a clam shell pattern that really gives it an “Art Deco Architecture” feel to me.  The second quilt has a lovely brick path pattern, and is a very charming little quilt.  The final quilt is a stripey melange viewed through a golden window.

These three quilts will be sent off to Orphan Outreach in the very near future. Thank you so much, Jeanette! All three are very lovely, and we appreciate them so much! You’ve got excellent timing!



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