Quilt Delivery at All For Christ Feeding Center in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

When Linda, Brenda and I were in Addis in April, we ran out of time. Our schedule just simply couldn’t mesh with the meal schedule at All For Christ Feeding Center. When we could be there, the kids weren’t there. And when they were there, we were teaching sewing classes or making deliveries at orphanages. Finally we entrusted all the remaining quilts to Caroline Williams, the program manager at Cherokee House where we were staying. Caroline promised to deliver the quilts and make sure pictures were taken so we could vicariously share in the experience.

I received the pictures a few days ago.  Caroline’s parents and her sisters, Elizabeth and Rush, were visiting, so Caroline turned the quilt delivery into a great family activity.  See the pictures below:

The last two pictures above were a bonus.  These were among the ones Caroline had taken while we were still there.  One is of an enthusiastic quilt recipient giving me a BIG hug at Kichene and the final picture is of an adorable little girl we’d seen when we were at Ahope orphanage, clearly very please to be covered in a quilt that Linda and I had made.

Thanks to Caroline and the entire Williams Family for delivering these quilts and sharing the pictures with us.  It looks like it was a really special day for the family and for all those children who received quilts.




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