Beautiful Quilts from Loretta

Today on our blog we’re featuring 10 quilts that were received from Loretta Kelldorf. Loretta has wonderful timing, as we’re still pulling together our commitment to Orphan Outreach for 100 quilts in July. These will help with their mission work in countries like Guatemala, Honduras, Latvia, India and Russia.

Loretta quilted all of these beautiful tops. The first four quilts were made from tops by Carolyn Sower.

The next two quilts are by Marilyn Barba and Dede Cranford.


The next two tops were quilted by Loretta, and pieced by an unknown piecer.  If you know who made them, please let us know so we can give credit where credit is due.


The final two quilts were made entirely by Loretta for us.


Thank you so much, Loretta, Carolyn, Marilyn and Dede.  The quilts are all beautiful, and the children who receive them will surely cherish them.



The fourth,


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