More Quilts for Kichene

When Linda, Brenda and I were in Ethiopia in April we visited a feeding center called Kichene, and delivered quilts to more than 30 needy children that were in Kindergarten there. The staff at Kichene asked if we might be able to deliver 100 more for older children who have meals there. Our North Carolina Regional Coordinator, Noreen Fling, has been coordinating the delivery of those additional 100 quilts to Cherokee Gives Back in Raleigh since then. Cherokee has volunteers who are going over to Ethiopia over the summer and will take the quilts with them. Over the last couple of weeks Noreen and June Colburn (who were both the original founders of Quilts Beyond Borders along with Noreen’s daughter Holly), recently delivered 65 quilts to Cherokee and are pulling together the next delivery to meet the commitment of 100.

Noreen sent me these picture of some of the quilts they delivered to Cherokee last week. The first one was made by Meredith Glaze, age 11. The remainder were made by Lori Prohak, who has made over 100 quilts for us over the years!

Thanks to both Meredith and Lori for making these very cute quilts, and thanks to Noreen and June for transporting the quilts to get them to Cherokee.  Thank you also to the Cherokee Gives Back volunteers for taking the quilts over to Ethiopia and delivering them to Kichene for us.  Through the work you all have done, 100 children will sleep comfortably warmed by a quilt this summer!




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