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Quilts/Tops from Linda Gosselin and Hollis McCright

July 31, 2012

Linda of Northbridge, Mass recently completed the quilting on four quilts and Hollis of Texas sent Karen two beautiful tops.

Quilting by Linda: The three bowtie quilts were pieced by the Gold Canyon Quilters of Arizona; Theola Breaux pieced the large squares. As you can see from the detailed shots Linda’s quilting is beautiful and really enhances each quilt. They will next be bound before getting ready to go abroad.

Tops from Hollis: Only one of the two tops Hollis contributed are photographed, but Karen noted they were identical. It’s a lovely fan design in great, rich colors. I cannot wait to see them completed.

Thanks to these two wonderful ladies for contributing such great work to QBB. -Jodi


Why We Do What We Do

July 30, 2012

The photos we receive from our partners when they travel abroad to deliver our quilts always send us photos of those who receive the quilts. We recently sent 125 quilts to a preschool in Uganda. The school was started by a gentleman from Oklahoma. This photo was taken as the quilts were being received. The smile on this woman’s face says it all. It’s always nice to see our quilts find a home.

Have a good start to the week. -Jodi

A Wonderful Surprise from Two Sisters-in-Law

July 25, 2012

One of my favorite things is receiving boxes completely out of the blue that have completed quilts in them. Last week I received four beautiful quilts from two ladies that I didn’t even know were making quilts for us — what a lovely surprise! Kathy Cseri is a longarmer who quilted four great tops made by her sister-in-law, Jo Lynn Schill. It’s my understanding that these four quilts are the first quilt tops that Jo Lynn ever made. WOW!!! Talk about latent talents! I don’t think I did a quilt with triangles for about 2 years after I started quilting! The piecing is beautiful (You GO with those matched points, Girl!!) and Kathy’s playful and imaginative quilting perfectly complements the patterns. Ladies, I hope you enjoyed doing this as much as I enjoy looking at these quilts.

Kathy and Jo Lynn, thank you very much for these quilts. You both did a great job, and I know the children who receive these beautiful quilts will really treasure them.


10 Gorgeous Quilts by Loretta, Carolyn, and Caroline

July 21, 2012

Loretta Kelldorf of Texas sent me 10 beautiful quilts last week. Opening this box was just like Christmas, with quilt after quilt, just stunning – all quilted by Loretta! Some of these tops were pieced by Loretta herself, others pieced by Carolyn Sower and Caroline Nierenberg.

In order of appearance, left to right, from top to bottom, the quilt tops were made by:

  1. Carolyn Sower.  This tumbling block quilt has no inset seams.  It’s really beautiful in person, and a technique I’m going to have to try!
  2. Caroline Nierenberg sent Carolyn Sower a UFO (Unfinished Object) which Carolyn S turned into this beautiful quilt.  Loretta’s subtle quilting really finishes it beautifully.
  3. Carolyn Sower made this lovely batik.  This is why I call her the Queen of Scrap Quilts!
  4. Carolyn Sower also made this great Bourgogne Surround quilt with cookie inspired fabric.
  5. This cheerful daisy and petunia quilt is another Carolyn Sower creation.
  6. Loretta made this beautiful floral quilt.  This is one of the quilts that will go to Russia for a young lady who is aging out of an orphanage there.
  7. This green quilt was made by an anonymous donor.
  8. Loretta made this beautiful crazy quilt. I love the colors!
  9. Loretta also made this unusual quilt from a collection of rust fabrics.
  10. This final quilt was another UFO from Caroline Nierenberg, completed by Carolyn Sower.

All these quilts are just beautiful, and Loretta’s quilting added the wonderful finishing touch.  Thank you, Loretta, Carolyn and Caroline.



Fabric Donations

July 19, 2012

I thought I would change up my usual post of quilts with a special thank you to two great ladies.

Linda Jones (Nevada) and Jodi Gotschall (Ohio) recently sent me fabric donations. (Pictured below) Those of you who volunteer for QBB and follow the organization’s work knows how desperately we need fabric to help make the quilts we eventually send overseas. For every top we receive we need to custom fit a back for it before it can be sent to a longarm quilter. As well, fabric is regularly used to “kit up tops” for the volunteers from quilt guilds and IQF. There is always a demand for good-quality quilters fabric, and Linda and Jodi certainly came through for us.

Linda enclosed a very kind note letting me know she found out about QBB through the Nevada Quilt Guild newsletter. The rest of the note goes on to say, “I searched my bins to find ‘child type’ fabrics. I used to work in a dental office and made scrubs and quilts. I hope you and your quilter-friends enjoy these fabrics.” Linda, we most certainly will. Many special thanks to you for the donation and the Nevada Quilt Guild for spreading the message about QBB.


I have received quite a bit of fabric lately from women from Cambridge, OH, which is where my mother-in-law, Connie, lives. She is a sewist and costume designer, who at one time had an expansive collection of fabrics. The first time I had to help put together backings for QBB tops going to longarm quilters I asked if she had any fabrics she could part with to help the cause. At the time she didn’t have any fabric to give so she did one better. She posted a note in several church bulletins in the Cambridge area requesting fabric donations for QBB.  Jodi and several other ladies have all eagerly donated fabric from their stash or purchased new fabric specifically for QBB. I am so thankful for each of these women and most certainly my mother-in-law. 

Linda and Jodi, thank you again. All of these fabrics will make great quilts for the children we serve. -Jodi

Wow!! 9 Quilts, Beautifully Quilted by Linda LaFleur in Arizona

July 18, 2012

Late last week I received a box of 9 beautiful quilts from Linda LaFleur, who has a longarm quilting business called Quilting Memories in Tucson, Arizona. The tops are pieced by a number of different people, and Linda’s quilting is very imaginative and well done.

Please click on the thumbnails to get a closer peek at these quilts so you can admire Linda’s quilting.  In order of appearance, left to right, top to bottom, the quilt tops were made by the following people:

1 & 2:  These tops were made by Audrey Murphy, a piecer who has made numerous tops for Quilts Beyond Borders since our inception in 2007.

3&4:  These two tops were made by Carol Bronte, a friend of Linda’s in Tucson.  Carol was kind enough to make these two baby quilts for QBB’s commitment to the Russian Orphanage, where we’ve promised to provide 24 quilts for teenaged girls and 12 for infants.

5&6:  Carol Sower, who has made tons of tops for us (and served on our management team until she recently resigned to pursue other interests)  made these two farm-themed quilt tops.

7&8:  These two cute beach quilts were both pieced and quilted by Linda.

9:  The final quilt has a label with a drawing of a bunny, but I am not able to read the signature of the piecer.  If you know the piecer, please let me know so I can give credit where credit is due.

I know the children who receive these quilts will really enjoy them.  Great thanks to Linda, Carol, Carolyn, Audrey and the “Unknown Piecer”!

And, readers, if you live in Tucson, and  you’re looking for a very good longarm quilter, check out Linda LaFleur of Quilting Memories!



Two More Completed IQF 2011 Kits

July 17, 2012

Many special thanks to Genelle Long from the Houston-area who finished her 2 kits she picked up at IQF last November in Houston. She even went the extra mile and quilted them up for us. I am particularly fond of the Western-themed quilt, but that might be my inner homesick Texan seeping out. The prints and the multi-sized geometrical shapes work nicely together, too.

Genelle, thank you for helping Quilts Beyond Borders worked toward making its commitments to those in need overseas. -Jodi

10 Beautiful Quilts from Lou and Pat in Texas

July 16, 2012

Lou of Copperas Cove, Texas, and her friend Pat sent us these 10 lovely quilts the other day. If past patterns hold, Lou was the quilter and Pat was kind enough to do all the binding for us — Thank you both so much!

In order of appearance from left to right, top to bottom, here are the names of the people who made the tops, as they’ve signed the labels:

1.  Rosalva Reyes-Hada
2.  Sharon
3, 4, and 5.  Marilyn Barba and DeDe Cranford
6.  Geraldine Clark
7.  “A Friend from Houston”
8.  Sandra Cassidy
9 and 10.  Sue Torre, Willoughby Wallace Library Quiters

Lou, Pat, and all the piecers, thank you all for making these beautiful quilts!  I know the children will love them!



More lovely quilting by Anya in Montana

July 14, 2012

Anya in Montana is a talented and prolific quilter with a generous heart! About a week ago I featured two lovely quilts from Anya that she had made to help us meet our commitment to the Russian orphanage. Just a few days later, Anya sent me another 5 quilts that she quilted using tops that QBB had sent her. (Unfortunately I don’t have the names of any of the piecers, but if you recognize any, please let me know and I’ll be happy to give credit where credit is due.)

Anya used a variety of pantos to quilt these quilts, and they all turned out to be just as pretty as they can be! The pantos, in order of quilt appearance from left to right, top to bottom, are:

  • Raindrops
  • ABC by Dave Hudson
  • Van Gogh by Anne Bright
  • Hourglass
  • Stars by Lisa Calle

I had seen all these tops before they went to Anya, and when they came back I was thrilled with how the quilting brought each of them to life!  She did a great job with these!  Anya, thank you so much!  I know the children who receive them will cherish them!

Note to our readers:  At the beginning of this post I mentioned our commitment to an orphanage in Russia.  In case you weren’t aware, at the end of August we will be sending 36 quilts to Russia, 24 to young ladies who are aging out of the orphanage and 12 baby quilts. We still need 2 quilts for the young ladies, at least 42″x60″ with appropriate colors and patterns for a young lady, if you happen to be looking for a project! Just send us a note to and we’ll sign you up!



Floral Beauty Heading for Russia

July 13, 2012

Keri Celik (OH), who is one of Quilt Beyond Borders’ generous quilters submitted this beautiful quilt for our current initiative with Orphan Outreach. As many of you know we recently requested several large quilts for young women aging out of an orphanage. Keri committed to making one of these quilts as soon as we put out the call for quilts.

This quilt was made from a jelly roll Keri used for a quilt race at a local quilt store in Keri’s area. She thought the floral, feminine fabric would be appreciated by the young woman who is to receive it. The small floral print used for the border is also used for the backing. It’s a beautiful quilt as well as bright and very happy. Thank you Keri for donating such a beautiful quilt. It is sure to be appreciated. – Jodi