2 Beautiful Quilts from Anya in Montana

As you might know, we currently have an initiative to get 36 quilts for a Russian orphanage. 24 of these quilts are for young ladies who are “aging out” of the orphanage and will use the quilts as they go forward in their new lives outside the system. 20 of those quilts have been already committed by quilters, but we are still seeking 4, so if you have any quilts (or are planning to make some) that are at least 42×60″ and suitable for a young lady, we’d be very happy to receive them.

Anya in Montana, who has a quilting business called High Country Quilting, made and donated these two beautiful quilts for the young ladies. The first is a wonderful water-color quintuple Irish Chain. I remember when I first started quilting there was a fantastic magazine ad that had one that was very similar to Anya’s, only in reds rather than greens. I always wanted to make one of these, and Anya has reinvigorated my desire to do so! Anya’s quilt is so pretty, that the picture really doesn’t do it justice!

Anya’s second quilt is made with beautiful batiks, in soothing blues and greens and fiery oranges that really make it pop.

Thank you so much, Anya, for these beautiful quilts! The piecing and the quilting is just magnificent! I know the young ladies who receive these will cherish them!



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