Beautiful Quilts from Quilters Marcel, Betty, and Shirley

This week I received several boxes of beautiful quilts, so I’ll be quite busy blogging for a couple of days! Lots to see!

The first four pretty quilts were sent by Noreen Fling (one of our founders and our Regional Coordinator in North Carolina) to Marcel Miller, the owner of Threadgoods Quilting, which provides handguided quilting from simple to custom. Marcel is also the founder of Coastal Carolina Machine Quilters. Marcel quilted the first three quilts, and the last quilt was done by his student, Betty. All of them are very well done, and the thumbnails don’t do them justice. As always, you can click on them to see a larger view.

The next nine quilts were quilted by Shirley R. in Illinois.  Shirley quilts for her own pleasure, and it’s a pleasure for me to see these quilts!    The first five were from tops made by Carolyn Sower, who I’ve often called the Queen of Scraps — for obvious reasons!  The yellow and brown quilt was made  by our “Frequent Topper”, Richard Miller in Texas.  The fish quilt was made by Donna Robinson of the Willoughby Wallace Library, and the last two were made by anonymous piecers for Quilts Beyond Borders.

Marcel, Betty and Shirley, these quilts are all wonderful, and I know they will be treasured by the children who receive them.

And just in case everyone wonders what happens when they send us scraps, or leftover trimmings from quilts they’ve quilted for us, here’s a quilt that my quilting buddy Brenda and I made from 4 inch squares, cut from leftovers.  After all, when life gives you scraps, make quilts!




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