Wow!! 9 Quilts, Beautifully Quilted by Linda LaFleur in Arizona

Late last week I received a box of 9 beautiful quilts from Linda LaFleur, who has a longarm quilting business called Quilting Memories in Tucson, Arizona. The tops are pieced by a number of different people, and Linda’s quilting is very imaginative and well done.

Please click on the thumbnails to get a closer peek at these quilts so you can admire Linda’s quilting.  In order of appearance, left to right, top to bottom, the quilt tops were made by the following people:

1 & 2:  These tops were made by Audrey Murphy, a piecer who has made numerous tops for Quilts Beyond Borders since our inception in 2007.

3&4:  These two tops were made by Carol Bronte, a friend of Linda’s in Tucson.  Carol was kind enough to make these two baby quilts for QBB’s commitment to the Russian Orphanage, where we’ve promised to provide 24 quilts for teenaged girls and 12 for infants.

5&6:  Carol Sower, who has made tons of tops for us (and served on our management team until she recently resigned to pursue other interests)  made these two farm-themed quilt tops.

7&8:  These two cute beach quilts were both pieced and quilted by Linda.

9:  The final quilt has a label with a drawing of a bunny, but I am not able to read the signature of the piecer.  If you know the piecer, please let me know so I can give credit where credit is due.

I know the children who receive these quilts will really enjoy them.  Great thanks to Linda, Carol, Carolyn, Audrey and the “Unknown Piecer”!

And, readers, if you live in Tucson, and  you’re looking for a very good longarm quilter, check out Linda LaFleur of Quilting Memories!




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