Fabric Donations

I thought I would change up my usual post of quilts with a special thank you to two great ladies.

Linda Jones (Nevada) and Jodi Gotschall (Ohio) recently sent me fabric donations. (Pictured below) Those of you who volunteer for QBB and follow the organization’s work knows how desperately we need fabric to help make the quilts we eventually send overseas. For every top we receive we need to custom fit a back for it before it can be sent to a longarm quilter. As well, fabric is regularly used to “kit up tops” for the volunteers from quilt guilds and IQF. There is always a demand for good-quality quilters fabric, and Linda and Jodi certainly came through for us.

Linda enclosed a very kind note letting me know she found out about QBB through the Nevada Quilt Guild newsletter. The rest of the note goes on to say, “I searched my bins to find ‘child type’ fabrics. I used to work in a dental office and made scrubs and quilts. I hope you and your quilter-friends enjoy these fabrics.” Linda, we most certainly will. Many special thanks to you for the donation and the Nevada Quilt Guild for spreading the message about QBB.


I have received quite a bit of fabric lately from women from Cambridge, OH, which is where my mother-in-law, Connie, lives. She is a sewist and costume designer, who at one time had an expansive collection of fabrics. The first time I had to help put together backings for QBB tops going to longarm quilters I asked if she had any fabrics she could part with to help the cause. At the time she didn’t have any fabric to give so she did one better. She posted a note in several church bulletins in the Cambridge area requesting fabric donations for QBB.  Jodi and several other ladies have all eagerly donated fabric from their stash or purchased new fabric specifically for QBB. I am so thankful for each of these women and most certainly my mother-in-law. 

Linda and Jodi, thank you again. All of these fabrics will make great quilts for the children we serve. -Jodi


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