Quilts for Orphans in Russia

As our regular readers may know, we have a current initiative where we are gathering quilts to give to 24 young ladies who are graduating from an orphanage in Russia, and 12 babies there. When we were calling for the quilts I was contacted by Meena Schaldenbrand, a very talented artist in Michigan, who has a wonderful blog that displays a lot of her artistic endeavors:


Meena offered to make us a quilt for one of the young ladies, and last week I received a box with this absolutely beautiful panel quilt in it. You can see in the close-up that Meena has adorned some of the flowers with beads and 3-D flowers. Very pretty!


I know the young lady who receives this quilt will treasure it!  It’s really quite stunning!  Thank you, Meena!

The initiative for the young ladies and babies in Russia was not our only summer initiative.  We’ve also delivered 200 quilts to Orphan Outreach, an organization in Plano, Texas that works with orphanages in Guatemala, Honduras, Russia and India.  Some of the photos from their travels came back today.  Here are photos of their delivery of quilts to the younger kids at the Nikolsky orphanage just outside of St. Petersburg, Russia.



Those happy smiles are our greatest reward!  Great thanks to the quilters who created these quilts, and all the others we’ve received.  We’re looking forward to more pictures, and as we receive them we’ll bring them to you!




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