Great Donations from Carrie

When I returned home from the Machine Quilting Today show last weekend a box was waiting for me from Carrie. Inside there were such wonderful things! Carrie had sent us 9 yards of fabric, two cones of thread, and a bobbin case I had asked about! What a treat!

The fabrics are wonderful, with a range of patterns that will please children of many different ages.  My personal favorites are the soccer prints.  Sometimes it’s a little difficult to find the perfect quilt for a teenaged boy, and I remember in April when I was in Ethiopia there was a boy who asked me if he could exchange the quilt we’d given him for a smaller one that had a soccer ball fabric in it.  He was thrilled with the change.  Ethiopians are very avid soccer fans, and I know these fabrics are going to make a lot of boys very happy!

The threads are wonderful and will give me a chance to try some brands I haven’t tried yet.  I have a dozen fundraising tops lined up for quilting, and these colors will be just great on them — and the bobbin case should take care of some of the tension issues I’ve been experiencing.

Carrie, thank you so much for your donations to QBB!  Your fabrics and threads will go into many quilts for children, and keep them warm!



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