Quilts from Ruth and Robin

Ruth Cook, from Tustin, MI, and Robin Wilson, from Omaha, NE, sent me two boxes of excellent quilts.  There are quite a few so I feel it might be better for me to list them off.

From Ruth:

  • Blue/red bears with balloons; top by Benji’s Bubbe
  • Yellow/red puppies; top by Myra Ley Baccus
  • Pink/blue checkerboard with skiing bears; top by Alma Hubick
  • Blue/multicolored rainbow dolphins; top by Willoughby Wallace Library Quilters
  • Jungle animals; top by Ginny Jones
  • Teal/purple/orange/green squares with diamond; top by Alice Pellegrino

From Robin:

  • Peach border with colored squares; top by Hong Ying CHang
  • Pink/blue squares with stars; top by Marsha Cribbs
  • Brown/cream bow ties; top by Gold Canyon River Quilters of Gold Canyon, AZ

I apologize for the delay in getting these posted. Summer is wrapping up and we are gearing up for fall. Thanks to both of you wonderfully kind ladies for completing these quilts for us. – Jodi


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