Quilts by Carole

I have been out of town visiting family and friends in Texas for the last little while. It was a whirlwind of fun, food, and quilting in five different cities. Now that I am back from my vacation I am going to do my very best to catch up on all of the quilts and tops my sister-in-law accepted in my absence. Here we go…

Carole Matheny is a longarmer based out of Middleton, DE. She owns and operates Quilts by Carole and used her longarm skills to quilt these great tops. It’s nice to see these quilts come to life. I first received them as tops, and then sent them to Carole for longarming. Now, here they one step closer to completion. All that is left is the binding and washing before they can be sent off to a well-deserving child.

The two brick tops were originally pieced by Kelly and the multi-colored squares top was created by Rosemary Boros. Carole added additional charm with her additional craftsmanship. We are so thankful Carole took the time to quilt these tops for us. Thank you, and have a great night! -Jodi


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