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Pictures from Burundi

September 26, 2012

Earlier this year we mentioned that we were sending 325 quilts to Burundi with volunteers from Sister Connection.  Sister Connection works with widows in Burundi who are often evicted along with their children from their family home by their late husband’s siblings, resulting in the fatherless family becoming homeless.  Sister Connection builds houses and provides other services to assist the women to regain a place in their communities.  One of the things that Sister Connection does is to run a summer camp for the children of these widows, and our quilts were transported to Burundi to give to the children attending this camp.

We’ve recently received some pictures of the children who were given quilts.  The pictures were provided by Cindy Wincel and Denise Vibbert Patch, and the photography was by Ginger Kauffman, Susan Rice, Michelle Westlake and Anna Patch, 4 volunteers who went to Burundi with Denise this summer, toting dozens of quilts in their baggage.  Here are some of their comments about their experience:

  • Each one of the 312 orphans who came to camp received a handmade quilt.
  • For the youngest children in the family to receive such a beautiful gift was very, very special. Often, the older kids get the good stuff.
  • We told the children that each quilt was made with lots of love.
  • Every team member brought dozens of quilts in their luggage. It was worth it!
  • These kids would not part with their quilts. For the entire afternoon session of camp, they held them.

Here are a few of the pictures, followed by a link to the Sister Connection Shutterfly album.  As always, click on the thumbnails for a close-up of the picture.

One of the things Denise mentioned was that in Burundi the custom is to be serious for photos, so posed shots tend to be pretty somber, but there were a lot of smiles breaking through when these children received their quilts!  For additional pictures, please go to:

Thank you, Denise, Cindy, Sister Connection and all the quilters who helped to make these children so happy!




Awwwww! This Makes It All Worth It!

September 21, 2012

Wednesday was a hectic day, further complicated by having 40 MPH wind gusts in the Greater Chicagoland Area, where I live. I was on my way out of the fabric store with a 4-yard piece of 45″ wide batting rolled up in my cart, when I was hit from behind by a big gust that somersaulted the batting right out of the cart and rolled it across the parking lot. I was probably running faster than I ever have, with the wind at my back (beneath my wings… whatever….), but every time I reached out to grab the batting the wind would take it again. At one point I nearly got hit by a car, and decided to give up chasing it and wait until it came to a stop in a tree, puddle or whatever to see whether it was completely irredeemable or not. Besides, it was getting ridiculous, and these days you just never know when you’re going to see a YouTube video of a chubby middle-aged woman chasing a roll of batting across the parking lot. I just didn’t want to end up that way!

The batting finally came to a rest, wedged next to the tires of a car, and I rescued it. The good news is that the wind had apparently managed to clear all the dirt, dust and debris from the surface of the parking lot, so the batting is entirely usable and will probably make an appearance in a couple of orphan quilts in the near future.

But the day really turned around when I got home and checked my email, only to find this absolutely adorable picture of a little baby sleeping soundly wrapped in one of the quilts we sent to Guatemala with Orphan Outreach. I mean, really! How cute is this????

That makes it all worth it, doesn’t it?

I note from a zoom in on the label that the quilt was pieced by Debora Janis and quilted by Kay Affolder. Thank you, Debora and Kay, for making this little one so warm and cozy! And thanks to Orphan Outreach for transporting the quilts!


Quilts in Guatemala, and Some Headed to Ethiopia!

September 17, 2012

Quilts Beyond Borders often works with other charitable organizations to move quilts to children who need them in other countries. Two of those organizations are Orphan Outreach in Plano, Texas and Cherokee Gives Back in Raleigh, NC. The pictures below show some of that work which is taking place.

The first two pictures are of quilts which we recently delivered to Cherokee, which will be going to Ethiopia with Cherokee volunteers. They will be distributed to children at the Kichene Study Center, which Linda, Brenda, and I visited earlier this year.  For more information on our trip to Kichene, see this link:


The next 3 pictures show a couple of the quilts that went to Guatemala with Orphan Outreach.  As you can see, the children love to have their pictures taken!  We hope we’ll receive more pictures to share with you.


Thanks to Cherokee and Orphan Outreach for helping us put smiles on so many children’s faces!



8 Cute Quilts from Tammy in Illinois

September 14, 2012

Tammy Krumwiede from Mt. Olive, Illinois, sent me these 8 beautiful quilts last week. Tammy has a business called Bunbear Quilts and is the writer of a blog which covers topics which covers a plethora of topics including sewing, quilting, life and even the occasional recipe. Sooner or later, if the baking fairy hits me with her wand, I’m going to try out those “Evil Biscuits” recipe that she has among the August entries! You can find her blog at:

The quilt tops that Tammy quilted for us came from several different people, and Tammy varied her quilting to complement the fabrics and patterns chosen by each piecer. The quilt tops were made by the following people:

  • Chicago Bears quilt and Musical quilt, tops by Ida Gaglio
  • Rose & Blue 9-patch quilt, top by Carol Polesek
  • Coffee quilt, top by Hong Ying-Cheng of Australia
  • Blue and Yellow Truck quilt and Mult-color Brick quilt by anonymous piecers.  If you recognize these quilts, please let us know who made the tops so we can give credit where credit is due.
  • Two floral block quilts, top by Evelyn Carlisle.

Great thanks to Tammy, Carol, Ida, Hong, Evelyn, and our Unknown Piecers.  The children who receive these beautiful quilts will really enjoy them!



Lots and Lots of Squares

September 11, 2012

Lois Flint is a longarm quilter from Merrimack, NH. She operates “You Better Get it Quilted”, which is a great name for a longarm business!

I’ve included two detailed shots to feature Lois’ longarm work. I particularly like the flower detail on pink and green patchwork and the clover/heart shape on the multi-colored/blue patchwork quilt.

Quilt Line-Up
2 multi-colored patchwork squares quilt- tops pieced by Susan Mayhall
Pink and green patchwork squares- top pieced by J. Hubnick

Lois also applied the binding for each quilt using her sewing machine. All of the binding looked great, but Lois wondered if there were any tips or techniques to ensure the machine stitching stayed straight. She and I both like to hand finish our bindings, but those pretty stitches cannot last the wear and tear. I’ve seen a few different techniques that are all equally effective; however, I wondered if our readers had any advice of their own to provide. So, dear readers, I am asking you. How do you keep your stitches straight when machine binding your quilts? (If you have any advice please leave a comment below.)

Lois, thank you for quilting for Quilts Beyond Borders. These quilts will surely make children smile. -Jodi

Quilts from Ohio

September 8, 2012

Patti Obyc, of Powell, OH, has once again quilted and bound some fun tops for our cause. And, as always, they look beautiful.

Quilt Line-up:
1. Red and white checked with red border- top maker unknown; quilted by Patti
2. tie-dye border with multi-colored circles within black squares- top pieced by Carol Grant; quilted by Patti
3. gradations of blue in ladder form with sea-inspired prints- top by Carolyn Sower; quilted by Patti

Many thanks go out to Patti for doing such beautiful work. These quilts will surely make their recipients happy. – Jodi

Hand Delivery of Wonderful Quilts

September 5, 2012

Elizabeth Abel, who lives in Oxford, PA, recently delivered 10 wonderful quilts to my sister-in-law while I was away visiting family in Texas. I was so sad to miss out on the opportunity to meet one of Quilt Beyond Borders’ amazing volunteers. Each of you means so much to this organization, and it’s a great opportunity to say thank you in person. As well, it’s always nice to put a face with a name after much kind email correspondence.

Quilt Line-up:

1. Coffee theme- top made by Carolyn

2. Red plaid checker board pattern-piecer not identified, but I think it might be Carolyn’s handiwork

3. Random square patterning of tan, green, brown, and cream- top made by Richard Miller

4. Multi-colored pin/windmill blocks with tan background and floral borders- top made by Audrey Murphy

5. Brown, pink, and orange print squares connected on the diagonal- pieced by Theola Breaux

6. Multi-colored and navy blue squares/checker board- top made by Marilyn Barba and Dede Crawford

7. Multi-colored maze- top made by Ida Gaglio

8. Pink and black rectangular stripes- top made by Phyllis Simpson

9. Blue, green, black and gray square within a square- top made by Carolyn

10. Multi-colored and white squares/checker board- top made by Marilyn Barba

Each of these quilts look great. Thank you, Elizabeth for taking the time to drop off these quilts as you made your way through my home town. Hopefully next time I will be in town and have an opportunity to meet you. – Jodi

7 More Adorable Quilts from Linda

September 4, 2012

Linda LaFleur, of Quilting Memories in Tucson, Arizona is a prolific and very talented quilter.  This year she’s sent me 16 quilts, I think!  Below are photos of the latest group:

Starting from the top row, left to right:

  • The first two quilts were made from start to finish by Linda.  They are both absolutely adorable!  Please click on the thumbprints to see the pictures in a larger view.
  • The third quilt was made from a top by Sandy Grimes.  It’s really lovely, and one of the things I really like is the back, which has a print of a dark-skinned Disney princess.  Since so many of our quilts go to African countries, especially Ethiopia, it will be wonderful for a little girl to be able to have a quilt with a magical princess that looks like she does.   Linda did some wonderful quilting with feathered hearts.
  • Our friend from Australia, Hong Ying Chang, made this bright and modern London quilt top.  Linda quilted it with spirals, stars and bursts of fireworks.
  • This cute top with Nemo fabric was made by Ellen Campos.  Linda quilted it with an allover design of hearts, loops and stars.
  • Linda quilted this next top, by one of our most prolific piecers, Theola Breaux, with an allover pattern of leaves and swirls which nicely adds motion to the cute juvenile fabrics in this top.
  • The final quilt, a rail fence quilt top by Marilyn Barba, was quilted by Linda with a lovely allover pattern of swirls and plumes.

Ladies, all these quilts are just adorable, and the quilting that Linda did is so diverse and really complements each top.  Thank you all!  I know the children who receive these quilts will be delighted!



Quilts and Tops on Labor Day

September 3, 2012

I hope everyone is enjoying Labor Day. I was very fortunate to spend my day off with family and friends eating delicious food and chasing after small children. It is my hope today brought you all well deserved rest and happiness.

Today we will celebrate the volunteer labors of two QBB quilters out West. The wonky, muted green brick quilt with print border and the pastel block quilt with blue border pictured above were made by Debi Jackson of Austwell, Texas. Both of these quilts are well crafted and visually stunning to the eye. The fun, mixed green diagonal square top was pieced by Ann Strom of Sebastopol, California. In addition to being a quilter, Ann runs a home-based thread business, which specializes in threads for hand and machine quilting.

Many thanks to Debi and Ann for their volunteer efforts and continuing support of QBB. As well, many thanks to all of those who volunteer and donate to QBB. All of you hard work is making this out to be one of our most successful years. We couldn’t do this without all of you. Thanks so much! – Jodi

Russia Quilt Round-up

September 2, 2012

The deadline for the Russia quilt initiative for Orphan Outreach was August 31. Tonight I am posting the last of the quilts I have received for this initiative. These quilts and a few others will head to the Orphan Outreach headquarters in Plano, TX. At some point this month the quilts will head to Russia to be given to a number of girls who are “aging out” of the orphanage. They will soon be moving to new homes. Some of these girls are young mothers; therefore, we arranged to have quilts made for their babies, too.

Jan Scruggs (Midland, TX), QBB’s Karen and Liz Clark (Los Gatos, CA), and Barb Niles (Deer Park, WA) made the above quilts. Jan made the pastel multi-block and the brown quilt with the four bear panels- both quilts perfect for babies. Liz pieced the red-toned windmill baby quilt and Karen quilted it. Barb made the fun yellow and maroon block baby quilt and the modified multi-colored windmill quilt (with detailed photo for the fun fabrics) for one of the young women leaving the orphanage.

In total we will end up sending 24 quilts for the young women and 12 for the babies. This has been a very rewarding endeavor for QBB and we thank each and everyone one of you who volunteered. We look forward to sharing any photos we receive from Orphan Outreach once they return from this trip. Thank you, again, and have a very happy Labor Day. – Jodi