Russia Quilt Round-up

The deadline for the Russia quilt initiative for Orphan Outreach was August 31. Tonight I am posting the last of the quilts I have received for this initiative. These quilts and a few others will head to the Orphan Outreach headquarters in Plano, TX. At some point this month the quilts will head to Russia to be given to a number of girls who are “aging out” of the orphanage. They will soon be moving to new homes. Some of these girls are young mothers; therefore, we arranged to have quilts made for their babies, too.

Jan Scruggs (Midland, TX), QBB’s Karen and Liz Clark (Los Gatos, CA), and Barb Niles (Deer Park, WA) made the above quilts. Jan made the pastel multi-block and the brown quilt with the four bear panels- both quilts perfect for babies. Liz pieced the red-toned windmill baby quilt and Karen quilted it. Barb made the fun yellow and maroon block baby quilt and the modified multi-colored windmill quilt (with detailed photo for the fun fabrics) for one of the young women leaving the orphanage.

In total we will end up sending 24 quilts for the young women and 12 for the babies. This has been a very rewarding endeavor for QBB and we thank each and everyone one of you who volunteered. We look forward to sharing any photos we receive from Orphan Outreach once they return from this trip. Thank you, again, and have a very happy Labor Day. – Jodi


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