Quilts and Tops on Labor Day

I hope everyone is enjoying Labor Day. I was very fortunate to spend my day off with family and friends eating delicious food and chasing after small children. It is my hope today brought you all well deserved rest and happiness.

Today we will celebrate the volunteer labors of two QBB quilters out West. The wonky, muted green brick quilt with print border and the pastel block quilt with blue border pictured above were made by Debi Jackson of Austwell, Texas. Both of these quilts are well crafted and visually stunning to the eye. The fun, mixed green diagonal square top was pieced by Ann Strom of Sebastopol, California. In addition to being a quilter, Ann runs a home-based thread business, which specializes in threads for hand and machine quilting.

Many thanks to Debi and Ann for their volunteer efforts and continuing support of QBB. As well, many thanks to all of those who volunteer and donate to QBB. All of you hard work is making this out to be one of our most successful years. We couldn’t do this without all of you. Thanks so much! – Jodi


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