7 More Adorable Quilts from Linda

Linda LaFleur, of Quilting Memories in Tucson, Arizona is a prolific and very talented quilter.  This year she’s sent me 16 quilts, I think!  Below are photos of the latest group:

Starting from the top row, left to right:

  • The first two quilts were made from start to finish by Linda.  They are both absolutely adorable!  Please click on the thumbprints to see the pictures in a larger view.
  • The third quilt was made from a top by Sandy Grimes.  It’s really lovely, and one of the things I really like is the back, which has a print of a dark-skinned Disney princess.  Since so many of our quilts go to African countries, especially Ethiopia, it will be wonderful for a little girl to be able to have a quilt with a magical princess that looks like she does.   Linda did some wonderful quilting with feathered hearts.
  • Our friend from Australia, Hong Ying Chang, made this bright and modern London quilt top.  Linda quilted it with spirals, stars and bursts of fireworks.
  • This cute top with Nemo fabric was made by Ellen Campos.  Linda quilted it with an allover design of hearts, loops and stars.
  • Linda quilted this next top, by one of our most prolific piecers, Theola Breaux, with an allover pattern of leaves and swirls which nicely adds motion to the cute juvenile fabrics in this top.
  • The final quilt, a rail fence quilt top by Marilyn Barba, was quilted by Linda with a lovely allover pattern of swirls and plumes.

Ladies, all these quilts are just adorable, and the quilting that Linda did is so diverse and really complements each top.  Thank you all!  I know the children who receive these quilts will be delighted!




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