Hand Delivery of Wonderful Quilts

Elizabeth Abel, who lives in Oxford, PA, recently delivered 10 wonderful quilts to my sister-in-law while I was away visiting family in Texas. I was so sad to miss out on the opportunity to meet one of Quilt Beyond Borders’ amazing volunteers. Each of you means so much to this organization, and it’s a great opportunity to say thank you in person. As well, it’s always nice to put a face with a name after much kind email correspondence.

Quilt Line-up:

1. Coffee theme- top made by Carolyn

2. Red plaid checker board pattern-piecer not identified, but I think it might be Carolyn’s handiwork

3. Random square patterning of tan, green, brown, and cream- top made by Richard Miller

4. Multi-colored pin/windmill blocks with tan background and floral borders- top made by Audrey Murphy

5. Brown, pink, and orange print squares connected on the diagonal- pieced by Theola Breaux

6. Multi-colored and navy blue squares/checker board- top made by Marilyn Barba and Dede Crawford

7. Multi-colored maze- top made by Ida Gaglio

8. Pink and black rectangular stripes- top made by Phyllis Simpson

9. Blue, green, black and gray square within a square- top made by Carolyn

10. Multi-colored and white squares/checker board- top made by Marilyn Barba

Each of these quilts look great. Thank you, Elizabeth for taking the time to drop off these quilts as you made your way through my home town. Hopefully next time I will be in town and have an opportunity to meet you. – Jodi


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