8 Cute Quilts from Tammy in Illinois

Tammy Krumwiede from Mt. Olive, Illinois, sent me these 8 beautiful quilts last week. Tammy has a business called Bunbear Quilts and is the writer of a blog which covers topics which covers a plethora of topics including sewing, quilting, life and even the occasional recipe. Sooner or later, if the baking fairy hits me with her wand, I’m going to try out those “Evil Biscuits” recipe that she has among the August entries! You can find her blog at: http://www.bunbear.blogspot.com

The quilt tops that Tammy quilted for us came from several different people, and Tammy varied her quilting to complement the fabrics and patterns chosen by each piecer. The quilt tops were made by the following people:

  • Chicago Bears quilt and Musical quilt, tops by Ida Gaglio
  • Rose & Blue 9-patch quilt, top by Carol Polesek
  • Coffee quilt, top by Hong Ying-Cheng of Australia
  • Blue and Yellow Truck quilt and Mult-color Brick quilt by anonymous piecers.  If you recognize these quilts, please let us know who made the tops so we can give credit where credit is due.
  • Two floral block quilts, top by Evelyn Carlisle.

Great thanks to Tammy, Carol, Ida, Hong, Evelyn, and our Unknown Piecers.  The children who receive these beautiful quilts will really enjoy them!




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