Awwwww! This Makes It All Worth It!

Wednesday was a hectic day, further complicated by having 40 MPH wind gusts in the Greater Chicagoland Area, where I live. I was on my way out of the fabric store with a 4-yard piece of 45″ wide batting rolled up in my cart, when I was hit from behind by a big gust that somersaulted the batting right out of the cart and rolled it across the parking lot. I was probably running faster than I ever have, with the wind at my back (beneath my wings… whatever….), but every time I reached out to grab the batting the wind would take it again. At one point I nearly got hit by a car, and decided to give up chasing it and wait until it came to a stop in a tree, puddle or whatever to see whether it was completely irredeemable or not. Besides, it was getting ridiculous, and these days you just never know when you’re going to see a YouTube video of a chubby middle-aged woman chasing a roll of batting across the parking lot. I just didn’t want to end up that way!

The batting finally came to a rest, wedged next to the tires of a car, and I rescued it. The good news is that the wind had apparently managed to clear all the dirt, dust and debris from the surface of the parking lot, so the batting is entirely usable and will probably make an appearance in a couple of orphan quilts in the near future.

But the day really turned around when I got home and checked my email, only to find this absolutely adorable picture of a little baby sleeping soundly wrapped in one of the quilts we sent to Guatemala with Orphan Outreach. I mean, really! How cute is this????

That makes it all worth it, doesn’t it?

I note from a zoom in on the label that the quilt was pieced by Debora Janis and quilted by Kay Affolder. Thank you, Debora and Kay, for making this little one so warm and cozy! And thanks to Orphan Outreach for transporting the quilts!



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