Pictures from Burundi

Earlier this year we mentioned that we were sending 325 quilts to Burundi with volunteers from Sister Connection.  Sister Connection works with widows in Burundi who are often evicted along with their children from their family home by their late husband’s siblings, resulting in the fatherless family becoming homeless.  Sister Connection builds houses and provides other services to assist the women to regain a place in their communities.  One of the things that Sister Connection does is to run a summer camp for the children of these widows, and our quilts were transported to Burundi to give to the children attending this camp.

We’ve recently received some pictures of the children who were given quilts.  The pictures were provided by Cindy Wincel and Denise Vibbert Patch, and the photography was by Ginger Kauffman, Susan Rice, Michelle Westlake and Anna Patch, 4 volunteers who went to Burundi with Denise this summer, toting dozens of quilts in their baggage.  Here are some of their comments about their experience:

  • Each one of the 312 orphans who came to camp received a handmade quilt.
  • For the youngest children in the family to receive such a beautiful gift was very, very special. Often, the older kids get the good stuff.
  • We told the children that each quilt was made with lots of love.
  • Every team member brought dozens of quilts in their luggage. It was worth it!
  • These kids would not part with their quilts. For the entire afternoon session of camp, they held them.

Here are a few of the pictures, followed by a link to the Sister Connection Shutterfly album.  As always, click on the thumbnails for a close-up of the picture.

One of the things Denise mentioned was that in Burundi the custom is to be serious for photos, so posed shots tend to be pretty somber, but there were a lot of smiles breaking through when these children received their quilts!  For additional pictures, please go to:

Thank you, Denise, Cindy, Sister Connection and all the quilters who helped to make these children so happy!




2 Responses to “Pictures from Burundi”

  1. Tina Freudenberger Says:

    Hi, I am so excited to see the Burundi pictures. I work with Project Muranderera which is a non-profit working with HIV Aids orphans in the Bikanka region of Burundi. i was just wondering if you could tell me where in Burundi the quilts were delivered. And also, how can I get involved with your organization?

  2. Carla Says:

    Tina, I’m so glad you enjoyed our post about the quilt delivery in Burundi. We’ve also had deliveries in Ethiopia, Cameroon, Uganda, Guatemala, Costa Rica, and Russia this year, so browse back through the blog and enjoy the pictures. The smiles on the children’s faces always make us feel so good!

    Sister Connection doesn’t publish the location of their children’s camp for safety reasons. However, the children and the widows they work with come from all over Burundi.

    There are many ways to get involved with Quilts Beyond Borders. You could make a quilt for the children we serve, or organize a bee group to make quilts, or provide longarming services to us if you are a longarm quilter.

    If you want to be even more involved with our organization, we’re looking for Regional Coordinators (RCs), especially in the South and West. RCs use their home as a collection point and then sends quilts off to their point of departure. They also collect tops, and kit them up to send to longarmers, and they may write blog posts here, and participate with us at IQF in Houston, soliciting donations from manufacturers at Market and working in our charity booth at the Festival.

    If you’d like to make quilts for us, check out our blog pages for Where to send Quilts and Tops and Quilt Dimensions. You’ll find links for them at the top right side of front page of our blog.

    If you’re interested in becoming involved as a Regional Coordinator, please send us a note at


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