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More Beautiful Quilts! From Linda, Theola, Marcel, Carolyn, Samantha, Sharon, Hong, Marilyn, Brenda, and me!

October 23, 2012

The barrage of quilts continues! How wonderful! This is a large gallery of quilts, so I’m putting the information concerning the quilters and piecers at the top of this post, and detailed information about each quilt (e.g., Pantos) at the bottom.  To see the quilters and piecers involved in each quilt, hover your cursor over the thumbnail to see the names.  To see a closeup of the quilt, click on the thumbnail.

The Quilters are:

  • Linda LaFleur, of Quilting Memories in Tucson, AZ.
  • Marcel Miller, of Threadgoods Quilting.  Marcel is the founder of Coastal Carolina Machine Quilters.
  • Carla Triemer (me), of Quilts Beyond Borders, FL & IL.  Member of the Northern Illinois LongArm Guild (NILAG) and the Pelican Piecemakers
  • Sharon Mitchell of Lofty Quilts, Palatine, IL.  Sharon is also a member of NILAG.

Among the Piecers are:

  • Theola Breaux of Texas
  • Carolyn Sower of Texas
  • Samantha, age 12
  • Hong Chang of Australia
  • Marilyn Barba of Connecticut
  • Brenda Barnett of IL.

All of the Piecers and Quilters are frequent contributors to QBB, and we appreciate your contributions very much!   Note that we also have some that were done by “Anonymous Quilter”, an all-too-familiar sobriquet for the ladies who provide tops without labels or identifying information to us from time to time.  If you recognize a top from the Anonymous Quilter, please tell us her name so we can give credit where credit is due.   Now, here are the quilts!!

  1. Daisy Quilt:  Quilted by Linda LaFleur.   Top by Anonymous Piecer.   Pantographs used were:  1)  Donna Kleinke’s (onesongneedlearts) Baby Booties border;  Dahlia block in blue blocks; Baby Bunny Frame 5 around the flowers.
  2. Close up of Daisy quilt
  3. Pink/blue baby quilt: Quilted by Linda LaFleur.   Top by Theola Breaux.  Pantograph used:  Patricia Ritter’s (urbanelementz) Topiary Hearts panto
  4. Pink/blue baby quilt: Quilted by Linda LaFleur.   Top by Theola Breaux.  Pantograph used:   Ellen Munnich’s (quiltrecipes) Sleeping Teddy panto.
  5. Orange Squares quilt: Quilted by Linda LaFleur.   Top by Theola Braux.  Pantograph used:  Donna Kleinke’s Oak Leaves border 1.
  6. Green strip quilt: Quilted and pieced by Linda LaFleur.   Pantographs used:  Patricia Ritter’s Leap Frog panto and LilyPad border.
  7. Close up of Green strip quilt back.
  8. Panel Quilt: Quilted by Linda LaFleur.  Pieced by Anonymous Piecer.   Quilted by Patricia Ritter design called Honeysuckle border
  9. Modern Brick Quilt:  Quilted by Marcel Miller, pieced by Anonymous Piecer.
  10. Green, Orange & Black Tulip Windowpane quilt:  Quilted by Marcel Miller, pieced by Carolyn Sower.
  11. Football Quilt:  Quilted by Marcel Miller, pieced by Samantha – who is 12 years old!
  12. 4” Square Scrap Quilt:  Quilted by Carla Triemer, pieced by Carla and Brenda Barnett – from scraps and trimmings we received when quilters returned completed tops to us!
  13. Crumb Quilt by Carla Triemer and Brenda Barnett.  This is another quilt we made with donated scraps.  The technique we used was from Bonnie Hunter’s Quiltville blog, specifically on “Crumb Quilts”.
  14. Black, Green and Blue Petunia Windowpane Quilt:  Quilted by Carla Triemer, pieced by Carolyn Sower.
  15. 5” Square Scrap Quilt: Quilted by Carla Triemer, pieced by Marilyn Barba and Brenda Barnett.
  16. Another Crumb Quilt: Pieced and quilted by Carla Triemer
  17. Coffee Quilt:  Quilted by Sharon Mitchell, pieced by Hong Chang.   Sharon used an un-attributed panto which came with her Statler.
  18. Close up of Coffee Quilt.
  19. Alternating Windowpane Floral Quilt:  Quilted by Sharon Mitchell, pieced by Hong Chang.  Pantograph used:   Butterflies and Flowers Panto 002  by Kimberlee Diamond, Sweet Dreams Studio
  20. Close up of Alternating Windowpane Floral Quilt.  I love the details in the butterflies!

Thanks to all of the ladies involved in creating these lovely quilts.  Several of them have given us permission to offer them for sale at Houston at the IQF.  As we mentioned in an earlier post, when we sell a single quilt for fundraising we normally bring in enough cash to:

  • pay excess baggage fees to get 40-50 quilts to orphans in Ethiopia; OR
  • pay for backing and binding for 15 quilts; OR
  • pay for postage to get 50 quilt tops to longarmers so they can be finished.

I know that the people who receive these quilts, whether they are purchased in Houston or whether we send them to children in Uganda (upcoming opportunity) or possibly on an American Indian Reservation here in the US (another potential opportunity), will enjoy these beautiful quilts.




Lots of Beautiful Quilts from Lots of Beautiful Quilters!

October 19, 2012

Wow! This has been quite a month! Every time I turn around another box arrives on my front porch! Let’s start with this great quilt from Wendy Yates, a member of the Northern Illinois Long Arm Guild. This quilt top was pieced by an anonymous piecer, and Wendy quilted it with an elongated flowing meander. If anyone knows who pieced the quilt, please let me know and I’ll be happy to give credit where credit is due!

The next three quilts came to me from Rhonda Roberts. The first one was pieced by Carolyn Sower, and the next two by Evelyn Carlisle. Rhonda’s quilting complemented each top beautifully. Evelyn and Rhonda have agreed to allow us to sell the Christmas quilt in our booth at the Houston International Quilt Festival. Evelyn is also helping us the logistics of getting our supplies to the Festival in Houston.  Thank you, ladies!

The next four quilts were quilted by Ellen Breunig, of New Day Quilting in Hartland, WI. The first one is a “Packers” quilt, pieced by another anonymous piecer. The next is a top by Donna Sciandra of Buffalo, NY.  The last two are pieced by Carolyn Sower.  I particularly like the way Ellen pieced the last quilt, using different fillers in the large blocks.  Click on the thumbnails for a closer peek.


Donna and Carolyn, are longtime friends of QBB and “Frequent Piecers” have given us “blanket approval” (pun intended!) to sell any of their tops as fundraisers.  With Ellen’s approval, we’ll be selling the gold and brown quilt and the blue, green and black window-pane quilt at our booth at the IQF.  Both Donna and Carolyn worked with us in our booth last year and we had a wonderful time.  Unfortunately they have conflicts this year, but we hope to have them both working with us again in the booth next year!

The next five quilts are some of the quilts I received from Loretta Kelldorf the other day.  Loretta’s quilts are always lovely and well quilted.  The rust quilt and the multicolored quilt with the appliqued daisies were both pieced and quilted by Loretta.  The third quilt with the blue and rose colored blocks was pieced by an anonymous piecer.  The three quilts in the bottom row were all pieced by Carolyn Sower.  With the kind permission of Loretta and Carolyn, we’ll be selling Loretta’s daisy quilt, and the last two quilts pieced by Carolyn.   Loretta will be working with us this year in the booth, so stop by and meet us both, and see some of the fundraising quilts up-close-and-personal!  You might just want to take one home for yourself!

When we sell a single quilt for fundraising we normally bring in enough cash to:

  • pay excess baggage fees to get 40-50 quilts to orphans in Ethiopia; OR
  • pay for backing and binding for 15 quilts; OR
  • pay for postage to get 50 quilt tops to longarmers so they can be finished.

We’ve been blessed with many generous quilters who’ve provided over 1000 quilts to the children in the orphanages we work with this year, and we have over 3o quilts that we’ve been given permission to sell in the booth this year.  The proceeds from these quilts help us to get quilts to the children, and we are very grateful!

If you’re interested in volunteering to work a 2 or 3 hour shift in our booth this year, please send us an email at our ID  And if you’ve made a quilt or top to give us, we’ll be happy to receive it at our booth.  Please check the post below this one to see the details of time and place.

Thank you, Wendy, Rhonda, Evelyn, Carolyn, Ellen, Donna and Loretta!  We really appreciate everything you’ve done for us!



Houston, Here We Come!!!

October 17, 2012

Hello, Fellow Quilters!

We are pleased to tell you that Quilts Beyond Borders will again have a booth at the International Quilt Festival, starting the evening of October 31st (Preview Night for IQA members and class attendees) and each day through the close of the Festival on Sunday, November 4th. We’ll be giving out kits to make quilt tops, starting a new initiative called the “10% club”, and we’ll be selling some fundraising quilts and products from Ethiopia. We look forward to seeing you!

If you’re interested in volunteering to work one or more 2-3 hour shifts with us in the booth, please send an email to us at and tell us what day(s) you’d like to work. We’ll let you know what shift(s) are available. You’ll get in to the show for free on the day(s) you volunteer for us.

Also, if you’re going to the show, this would be an excellent time to turn in any quilt tops or finished quilts made from the kits we’ve distributed in prior years, if you haven’t already returned them to us. If the kit or top has been misplaced, substitutes or monetary donations are gladly accepted.

If you won’t be attending the Festival and you’d like to send us finished tops or quilts, please send us an email at and we’ll give you an address of a Regional Coordinator who will be happy to receive your finished tops and quilts! Thanks!



More Wonderful Quilts from Anya in Montana!

October 14, 2012

I got home from my 40th (40??? How did THAT happen!!) High School Reunion last week, and a box was waiting for me from Anya of High Country Quilting. I always love receiving boxes from Anya, because her quilts are always beautifully made, charmingly bound, and very eye-catching. These three quilts are no exception!

Anya made this wonderful soccer quilt using a panto called “Soccer” by Vickie Maluski. We get a lot of quilts with “girly” fabric, but sometimes it’s a little harder to find the right quilt to delight a teenage boy. I always enjoy getting quilts with a soccer theme, as the boys in Ethiopia (and most of the countries we go to, for that matter!) are “soccer-mad” and love quilts with soccer balls on them! The fabrics and panto are sure to be treasured by the lucky boy who receives this quilt!

Anya made this next cute quilt using some fabric donated by her friend Sue, who also lives in Montana and has a company called “Mouse Blankets”. Check out Sue’s cute patterns and kits at Anya quilted this quilt using the “Sewing” panto by Dave Hudson.

The third quilt Anya sent is one that she made with fabrics donated to her by her friend, Kathy, also a Longarm quilter who owns a business called Quilting by the Lake. Anya quilted this pretty quilt using Ellen Munnich’s pantograph, Double Bubble, which is one of my favorites! It goes really nicely on a whole variety of quilts, and I think Anya chose beautifully for this one!

Anya, thank you so much for these lovely quilts, and thank Sue and Kathy for their contributions! The quilts are a perfect size and style for the teenagers, and I know the ones who receive these beautiful quilts will cherish them!


Sharon Does Such Pretty Quilting!

October 11, 2012

Sharon Mitchell, of the Northern Illinois Long Arm Guild (NILAG), met me on a rainy day last week at the Panera in Schaumburg, IL, to exchange a couple of quilt tops for a couple of quilts she’d just completed. Sharon has a real eye for picking just the right panto for a quilt, and she never disappoints me! For the first quilt below, Sharon chose “Curls in the Garden – 002” by Kimberly Diamond of Sweet Dreams Studio. This top was created by our pal, Carolyn Sower, and the panto looks like we’re peering through a window pane at the flowers, butterflies and dragonflies outside. This is a really pretty quilt, and we’ve been given permission by Carolyn and Sharon to sell it as a fundraiser at our booth at the International Quilt Festival in Houston next month. Thank you, ladies!

The next quilt is from a top by our very frequent topper, Marilyn Barba. Sharon chose to quilt this with another pretty Kimberly Diamond pattern, “Flower Rectangle – 002”. I think this panto really enhances the rail fence pattern used by Marilyn.

These quilts both turned out so nicely! Thank you very much, Carolyn, Marilyn and Sharon!


Quilts, quilts, quilts…

October 4, 2012

Today I have two quilters to feature:

Quilter, Elizabeth Raach, from Austin, TX sends Quilts Beyond Borders a quilt every September. This is the fourth year to donate a quilt to the organization. She told me she has visited Uganda twice; therefore, she understands the need we as a volunteer organization are trying to fill. Elizabeth’s quilt is the lovely multi-colored hexes mixed with beautiful African-inspired prints. We are thankful for her dedication to QBB and look forward to receiving another quilt in the future.

Prolific longarmer Patti Obyc from Powell, OH has also sent us another beautiful round of quilts. Today we are featuring her lovely longarm work on tops made by Marsha A. Cribbs (patchwork with pink binding), DeDe Crawford (blue and cream), Sue Torre of the Willoughby Wallace Library Quilters, CT (pink and green floral large squares), Martha Miller (frogs), and Ginny Hurt (patchwork with blue trim).

We are thankful to both Elizabeth and Patti for their time and dedication to Quilts Beyond Borders. Have a lovely Thursday evening! – Jodi