Sharon Does Such Pretty Quilting!

Sharon Mitchell, of the Northern Illinois Long Arm Guild (NILAG), met me on a rainy day last week at the Panera in Schaumburg, IL, to exchange a couple of quilt tops for a couple of quilts she’d just completed. Sharon has a real eye for picking just the right panto for a quilt, and she never disappoints me! For the first quilt below, Sharon chose “Curls in the Garden – 002” by Kimberly Diamond of Sweet Dreams Studio. This top was created by our pal, Carolyn Sower, and the panto looks like we’re peering through a window pane at the flowers, butterflies and dragonflies outside. This is a really pretty quilt, and we’ve been given permission by Carolyn and Sharon to sell it as a fundraiser at our booth at the International Quilt Festival in Houston next month. Thank you, ladies!

The next quilt is from a top by our very frequent topper, Marilyn Barba. Sharon chose to quilt this with another pretty Kimberly Diamond pattern, “Flower Rectangle – 002”. I think this panto really enhances the rail fence pattern used by Marilyn.

These quilts both turned out so nicely! Thank you very much, Carolyn, Marilyn and Sharon!



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