More Wonderful Quilts from Anya in Montana!

I got home from my 40th (40??? How did THAT happen!!) High School Reunion last week, and a box was waiting for me from Anya of High Country Quilting. I always love receiving boxes from Anya, because her quilts are always beautifully made, charmingly bound, and very eye-catching. These three quilts are no exception!

Anya made this wonderful soccer quilt using a panto called “Soccer” by Vickie Maluski. We get a lot of quilts with “girly” fabric, but sometimes it’s a little harder to find the right quilt to delight a teenage boy. I always enjoy getting quilts with a soccer theme, as the boys in Ethiopia (and most of the countries we go to, for that matter!) are “soccer-mad” and love quilts with soccer balls on them! The fabrics and panto are sure to be treasured by the lucky boy who receives this quilt!

Anya made this next cute quilt using some fabric donated by her friend Sue, who also lives in Montana and has a company called “Mouse Blankets”. Check out Sue’s cute patterns and kits at Anya quilted this quilt using the “Sewing” panto by Dave Hudson.

The third quilt Anya sent is one that she made with fabrics donated to her by her friend, Kathy, also a Longarm quilter who owns a business called Quilting by the Lake. Anya quilted this pretty quilt using Ellen Munnich’s pantograph, Double Bubble, which is one of my favorites! It goes really nicely on a whole variety of quilts, and I think Anya chose beautifully for this one!

Anya, thank you so much for these lovely quilts, and thank Sue and Kathy for their contributions! The quilts are a perfect size and style for the teenagers, and I know the ones who receive these beautiful quilts will cherish them!



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