Lots of Beautiful Quilts from Lots of Beautiful Quilters!

Wow! This has been quite a month! Every time I turn around another box arrives on my front porch! Let’s start with this great quilt from Wendy Yates, a member of the Northern Illinois Long Arm Guild. This quilt top was pieced by an anonymous piecer, and Wendy quilted it with an elongated flowing meander. If anyone knows who pieced the quilt, please let me know and I’ll be happy to give credit where credit is due!

The next three quilts came to me from Rhonda Roberts. The first one was pieced by Carolyn Sower, and the next two by Evelyn Carlisle. Rhonda’s quilting complemented each top beautifully. Evelyn and Rhonda have agreed to allow us to sell the Christmas quilt in our booth at the Houston International Quilt Festival. Evelyn is also helping us the logistics of getting our supplies to the Festival in Houston.  Thank you, ladies!

The next four quilts were quilted by Ellen Breunig, of New Day Quilting in Hartland, WI. The first one is a “Packers” quilt, pieced by another anonymous piecer. The next is a top by Donna Sciandra of Buffalo, NY.  The last two are pieced by Carolyn Sower.  I particularly like the way Ellen pieced the last quilt, using different fillers in the large blocks.  Click on the thumbnails for a closer peek.


Donna and Carolyn, are longtime friends of QBB and “Frequent Piecers” have given us “blanket approval” (pun intended!) to sell any of their tops as fundraisers.  With Ellen’s approval, we’ll be selling the gold and brown quilt and the blue, green and black window-pane quilt at our booth at the IQF.  Both Donna and Carolyn worked with us in our booth last year and we had a wonderful time.  Unfortunately they have conflicts this year, but we hope to have them both working with us again in the booth next year!

The next five quilts are some of the quilts I received from Loretta Kelldorf the other day.  Loretta’s quilts are always lovely and well quilted.  The rust quilt and the multicolored quilt with the appliqued daisies were both pieced and quilted by Loretta.  The third quilt with the blue and rose colored blocks was pieced by an anonymous piecer.  The three quilts in the bottom row were all pieced by Carolyn Sower.  With the kind permission of Loretta and Carolyn, we’ll be selling Loretta’s daisy quilt, and the last two quilts pieced by Carolyn.   Loretta will be working with us this year in the booth, so stop by and meet us both, and see some of the fundraising quilts up-close-and-personal!  You might just want to take one home for yourself!

When we sell a single quilt for fundraising we normally bring in enough cash to:

  • pay excess baggage fees to get 40-50 quilts to orphans in Ethiopia; OR
  • pay for backing and binding for 15 quilts; OR
  • pay for postage to get 50 quilt tops to longarmers so they can be finished.

We’ve been blessed with many generous quilters who’ve provided over 1000 quilts to the children in the orphanages we work with this year, and we have over 3o quilts that we’ve been given permission to sell in the booth this year.  The proceeds from these quilts help us to get quilts to the children, and we are very grateful!

If you’re interested in volunteering to work a 2 or 3 hour shift in our booth this year, please send us an email at our ID Quiltsbeyondborders@gmail.com.  And if you’ve made a quilt or top to give us, we’ll be happy to receive it at our booth.  Please check the post below this one to see the details of time and place.

Thank you, Wendy, Rhonda, Evelyn, Carolyn, Ellen, Donna and Loretta!  We really appreciate everything you’ve done for us!




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