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5 Great Quilts from NILAG and 7 More from Susan and M J

November 16, 2012

I’m still sorting through all the great quilts and tops we received at Houston, and yesterday I took a short break to meet my friend Debbie Weber. Debbie had picked up a bunch of quilts from other members of the Northern Illinois Longarm Guild (NILAG) and had a couple that she’d done herself. The top five quilts in the pictures below came from the following people:

1. Quilted by Debbie Long, pieced by Donna Sciandra.

2 and 3 – Quilted by Debbie Weber, pieced by Marilyn B

4 – Quilted by Marla Mars, pieced by an anonymous piecer.

5- Quilted by Terri. We don’t have the name of the person who pieced this top. If you recognize it please let us know so we can give credit where credit is due.

The last 7 quilts were all quilted by Susan Seward.  The first 5 of these were pieced by her friend, the late Mary Jane Morrison. Mary Jane’s husband and Susan agreed that QBB would be a good recipient for the many tops Mary Jane had pieced.   The last two of the group were entirely made by Susan.  Over the last year or so, Susan has given us more than 25 quilts that she and Mary Jane had made!  That’s a lot of children who are being kept warm and comfortable by the lovely quilts made by these two talented ladies.

Great thanks to my friends at NILAG, piecers Donna and Marilyn, and to Susan and Mr. Morrison for all of these lovely quilts.  I know the children who receive them will cherish them!




Thanks to All the Folks Who Made the IQF Such a Success for Us!

November 10, 2012

We had a great time at the International Quilt Festival in Houston last week. We sold almost all the products we had brought from Ethiopia, and many of the fundraising quilts we’d brought to sell, which gives us a great start as we go into the next year.

I’d like to thank Loretta Kelldorf, Brenda Barnett, Julie Bolser, Maureen Collop, Clare Wilkinson, Carolyn Sower and Karen Vander Stoep for working in the booth — we couldn’t have done it without you! Also, thanks to Evelyn Carlisle for helping us with the shipping logistics and to Nadia and the other volunteers provided by IQF for helping us to set up.

We had about 125 tops and quilts donated to us, and a veritable army of wonderful quilters picked up kits and samples to make more. Karen instituted a new fat quarter challenge to encourage quilters to send us completed quilts, which was enthusiastically received. We also had a couple of people who’ve expressed interest in becoming Regional Coordinators, which will help us to continue to grow and help more children as we go forward.

The following people gave us quilts and tops. My apologies if I’ve missed anyone. We tried to have everyone sign up on our lists, but we may have missed a few:

Bubbe, Sharon Bippus, Carol Boethel, Rosemary Boros, Lori Brans, Evelyn Carlisle, Geraldine Clark, Marcia Downey, Bisthia Frank, Lynda Galloway, Beth Gappa, Nyla C. Gordon, DDS., Donna Hart, Darlene Hayes, Sara Hernandez, Kaye Hird, Margie Horn, Regina Huber, Anna Hubnik, Kathy Jansen-Welch, Annabelle Kimball, Catherine Marion, Nancy S. Miller, Jamie Murray, Esperanza Jazz Paz, Carolyn Schuster, Jane Sanders, Susan Seward, Ann Strautman, Kelli Thompson, Shirley Tucker, Mary Wheatley, Julie-Sallie Whiteside, Clare Wilkinson, Lynda Young

Here are some photos of some of the quilts we received.  Hover over with your cursor to see the names of the quilters and piecers.

As days go on and our boxes arrive from Houston we’ll be posting more.  Great thanks to everyone who made this year such a success, and special thanks to my pal and “partner in crime” Karen Vander Stoep, who was with me every step of the way!




Whew! Market was AWESOME!! Next Stop — FESTIVAL!!

November 1, 2012

Karen and I have been in Houston for 4 days, the first two of which we’ve spent at Quilt Market. We’ve had a wonderful opportunity to see the new fabric collections from many outstanding manufacturers, and were very excited about the new fabrics. I see lots of corals and turquoises, which are two of my favorite colors, and lots of beautiful and fun fabric for children. Karen and I spent most of our day Sunday meeting people and reintroducing ourselves to people we met last year and asking for donations to Quilts Beyond Borders. Monday we grabbed a cart and got several boxes of wonderful sales samples, booth drapes, table drapes, etc.– all to be turned into wonderful quilts for the children in the orphanages we work with! Woohoo!!

Here’s a shot of Karen with one of the fabric wrapped mummies at the Me and My Sister Designs booth. There were so many clever booths at Market — such a lot of fun to see!

We were ready to relax Monday evening, but couldn’t get too settled. Lots to prepare for our booth at International Quilt Festival, which started with a preview night this evening for members and class attendees and goes through Sunday. We set up the booth yesterday afternoon and finished up this morning. Our friends, Julie and Brenda joined us yesterday, and we look forward to seeing Loretta, Maureen and Clare later in the week. Great thanks to all our volunteers for helping us out at the booth, and also to Evelyn Carlisle, who was kind enough to receive our packages in Houston and hold them for us until we got down there.

Saturday when we got to Houston we stopped by Evelyn'[s house and picked up our boxes. She had a lovely surprise waiting for us — she made us a quilt for fundraising, which is in the picture immediately below, and several beautiful tops. Thank you so much, Evelyn!  I really love the ruffled binding that Evelyn created to complete this cute quilt!

This year our booth in Houston offers lots of great products from Ethiopia for sale.  Check out these cute string animals:

  If you happen to be putting together a Nativity Scene, we still have 3 camels, but you’d better hurry on down to the booth before they’re gone!  The little donkey with the bundle of sticks has already gone to a good home.  We still have a pretty good herd of giraffes, and several other animals.  We also have Ethiopian jewelry, scarves made by various projects (a Catholic orphanage, a project to benefit the Former Woman WoodFuel Carriers, and a project aimed at assisting women leaving the sex trade), and some really cute woven baskets.

We also have some beautiful quilts that were made for fundraising that are in our booth, including the one from Evelyn mentioned above. Several have already sold.  Among the quilts is a Geisha Panel quilt that was made from a top pieced by a group of Australian girls while they visiting Houston Quilt Festival – 2008.  Mary-anne Rooney, Wendy Watkins, Nicky Tepper & Lyn Sinclair.  Members of Southern Cross Quilters (SCQuilters). I quilted it on my longarm earlier this year, adding color to the black and cream panel by thread-painting and using a number of different background fillers.  Here are a few pictures:

Also, the pretty top below was pieced by Carolyn Sower and heavily thread-painted by Loretta Kelldorf.  It’s gorgeous, and almost like a tapestry.  The pictures don’t do it justice, so please stop by and see it if you’re at the show!

This is a really beautiful quilt.

Other attractions in our booth include our annual give away of kits to be turned into quilts to be returned to us for the needy children and orphanages who receive our quilts.   We are also initiating a new challenge this year.  The first 100 quilters who pick up one of our fat quarter challenge kits and return them to us as completed quilts by September 15th, 2013 will be entered into a drawing.  The winner of the drawing will receive $100.    Look for this quilt and banner in our booth — although it looks a little different with the block instructions on it!

Here are a few pictures of our booth, one of which includes my friends and fellow QBB-ers, Brenda and Karen.

Our booth is in the Special Exhibit area on the far side of the quilts in the Hall E area.  Please stop by and say HI!  We’d love to see you in person!