Thanks to All the Folks Who Made the IQF Such a Success for Us!

We had a great time at the International Quilt Festival in Houston last week. We sold almost all the products we had brought from Ethiopia, and many of the fundraising quilts we’d brought to sell, which gives us a great start as we go into the next year.

I’d like to thank Loretta Kelldorf, Brenda Barnett, Julie Bolser, Maureen Collop, Clare Wilkinson, Carolyn Sower and Karen Vander Stoep for working in the booth — we couldn’t have done it without you! Also, thanks to Evelyn Carlisle for helping us with the shipping logistics and to Nadia and the other volunteers provided by IQF for helping us to set up.

We had about 125 tops and quilts donated to us, and a veritable army of wonderful quilters picked up kits and samples to make more. Karen instituted a new fat quarter challenge to encourage quilters to send us completed quilts, which was enthusiastically received. We also had a couple of people who’ve expressed interest in becoming Regional Coordinators, which will help us to continue to grow and help more children as we go forward.

The following people gave us quilts and tops. My apologies if I’ve missed anyone. We tried to have everyone sign up on our lists, but we may have missed a few:

Bubbe, Sharon Bippus, Carol Boethel, Rosemary Boros, Lori Brans, Evelyn Carlisle, Geraldine Clark, Marcia Downey, Bisthia Frank, Lynda Galloway, Beth Gappa, Nyla C. Gordon, DDS., Donna Hart, Darlene Hayes, Sara Hernandez, Kaye Hird, Margie Horn, Regina Huber, Anna Hubnik, Kathy Jansen-Welch, Annabelle Kimball, Catherine Marion, Nancy S. Miller, Jamie Murray, Esperanza Jazz Paz, Carolyn Schuster, Jane Sanders, Susan Seward, Ann Strautman, Kelli Thompson, Shirley Tucker, Mary Wheatley, Julie-Sallie Whiteside, Clare Wilkinson, Lynda Young

Here are some photos of some of the quilts we received.  Hover over with your cursor to see the names of the quilters and piecers.

As days go on and our boxes arrive from Houston we’ll be posting more.  Great thanks to everyone who made this year such a success, and special thanks to my pal and “partner in crime” Karen Vander Stoep, who was with me every step of the way!





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