Quilts from Anya, Susan, Joanne, Jennifer, Richard, and the Sisterhood of the Thimble in Martinsburg, VA.

Time to catch up!  November was insanely busy, with the IQF, Thanksgiving, completion of a commissioned quilt, and just getting ready for Winter.  Now that I have a chance to catch my breath, I’d like to show you some of the wonderful quilts that Quilts Beyond Borders has received over the last few weeks.

First we have 3 quilts that were sent to us from Anya in Montana.  Anya has sent us many beautiful quilts over the last year and has become such a wonderful addition to our team of wonderful piecers and quilters!  Anya used 3 great Pantos:  B2B Eye See You  by Anne Bright; Soccer by Vicki Maleski; and Soccer Ball  by Anne Bright.   Click on the thumbnails to see close-ups.

The next two quilts were among those that were brought to our booth at Festival in Houston.  The first one was made by Susan, and bound by my good friend, Brenda Barnett.   The second was created by Linda Young.

The last 5 quits were quilted by longarmer Joanne Dana.  Joanne is in the process of moving to Arizona, so we were lucky she was able to fit in some time to get these to us!  The first two were pieced by ladies who bill themselves as the Sisterhood of the Thimble in Martinsburg, VA.  The third quilt was created from a top by another of our “frequent piecers”, Richard Miller.  The final two quilts were from tops created by Joanne’s daughter, Jennifer James.

Great work, everyone!  We really appreciate receiving all these lovely quilts!  They may go to Ethiopia with me next year, or they may  go to an earlier opportunity — I’m not sure yet.  But I know the children who receive them will cherish them!

AND, thank you very much, Brenda, for binding 6 of these quilts for me!  You’re the best!!




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