International Effort Brings Quilts to Uganda Jesus Village

Back in 2008 I was contacted by Marlene Speed, a longarmer in Canada who was interested in practicing her skills and wanted to know if we could ship a top across the border to her for her to finish and return to us.  We did that, and that was the beginning of bigger things!  Over the next couple of years Marlene and I both bought Indigo longarms (made by Nolting for Hinterberg, shortly before Hinterberg was sold to Nolting) and since we’re part of a very small group of Indigo owners, we exchanged a couple of notes about the machines. 

In September of this year Marlene mentioned that she was making a dozen quilts for her sister-in-law, Janice Atkins, to take over to an orphanage in Uganda.  Well, since there were more than 12 children in the orphanage, we offered to supply more.  

In November Janice and 5 other members of her church went to Uganda, carrying about 60 quilts for the children.  Due to some camera issues which we hope will be resolved soon, we don’t have a lot of pictures from that trip, but we’d like to share these pictures (taken by Larry Keegstra, one of the volunteers) with you:




If we get more pictures we’ll be happy to post them. 

One of the lessons we learned about working with our friends in Canada is that it is very expensive to mail quilts across the border.  We’re exploring alternatives so that we can spend less on postage and be able to get more quilts to more children.  If there are a lot of Canadians who are interested in creating quilts and getting them to children in other countries, I’d be very happy to put you all in touch with each other and provide some guidance about regional coordination. 

Special thanks to Marlene, who got this effort started, and to Janice and her friends who transported the quilts to Uganda Jesus Village.  And, of course, great thanks to all the ladies who pieced and quilted all the quilts that put these beautiful smiles on the faces of these children!  










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