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Quilt Delivery to Casa Vallado Orphanage in San Luis Potosi, Mexico

January 27, 2013

Nancy Sheppard is one of our new Regional Coordinators. She started 2013 in a wonderful way by going with some of her church members to San Luis Potosi, Mexico, about 260 miles north of Mexico City. This area of Mexico is about 6000 feet above sea level, and normally is 40-55 degrees Fahrenheit throughout the year, so the warmth of a quilt is certainly welcome at night.

Here is the wonderful picture that Nancy sent of her group with the children and their quilts:

Casa Vallado Orphanage – San Luis Potosi Mexico

Casa Vallado is an orphanage in San Luis Potosi, Mexico that cares for children who have either lost, or been abandoned by, their parents. The orphanage began in 2003 when a group of Christians sold their businesses and possessions to lovingly care for children who were living on the street. Casa Vallado functions 100% on charitable donations. The Vallado Project supports Casa Vallado through monthly sponsorships. The members of the Christ Community Church in Austin provide food, clothing, and educational needs to the Casa Vallado children, enabling the orphanage to better care for the children and to allow the volunteers to enjoy a better livelihood as well.

Nancy was particularly impressed by the women who took care of the children in the orphanage. “The volunteer moms are amazing and really touched my heart. The three young women give their lives to these children without receiving compensation of any kind.”

If you would like to learn more and would like to get involved go to:

Great thanks to Nancy and the members of Christ Community Church in Austin for making this delivery possible. You can see that the children are very happy with their new quilts!



Orphan Outreach Delivers More QBB Quilts

January 20, 2013

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Members of Orphan Outreach, one of our sister organizations, recently visited Guatemala and delivers many of your quilts to children being treated in hospital for Down’s Syndrome. They also delivered quilts to children living in a special needs home. We are thankful Orphan Outreach continues to help spread joy with your quilts to these beautiful, sweet children. This is what it is all about.


Beautiful Quilt Made With Fabrics Donated by Windham

January 8, 2013

One of the things we like to do each year is to attend Quilt Market, held in Houston during the days before the International Quilt Festival. It’s an amazing visual buffet which lets us get a “sneak peek” at new products and upcoming trends, what colors and designs we can expect to be “hot-hot-hot” in the coming year. It also allows us to meet manufacturers, tell them about our Charity, and ask them for donations of table drapes, chair covers, sales samples, anything they don’t want to have to transport home. It may be excess baggage to a manufacturer, but it might just keep several needy children and orphans warm on some of those cold, cold nights! We’ve had such wonderful response from the manufacturers each year, and one of the things we like to do is to feature at least one quilt made exclusively from their fabric on our blog.

The Windham booth was really pretty this year, and when they donated some of their beautiful fabrics from their “Hello Gorgeous” collection ( ,  Karen promptly called “Dibbs!” so that she could be the one to make the Windham quilt.  (I was jealous!  I’ll have to call out quicker next year!)

Here’s a picture of the pretty quilt Karen made:

Karen's Windham QuiltHello Gorgeous!  How cute is that?  This quilt will be delivered this year to a needy child, perhaps one in the US or perhaps I’ll be taking it with me to Ethiopia in September when I go.  I know the child who will receive it will love the cheerful colors and prints!

Thank you, Baum Textiles, for giving us these beautiful Windham Fabrics!



Happy New Year!

January 1, 2013

Happy New Year, everyone! Quilts Beyond Borders had a banner year in 2012. We delivered over 1100 quilts to needy children and orphans in 8 countries. We’d like to thank all of you who advised us, helped us at IQF, made tops for us, longarmed for us, bound quilts for us, made complete quilts for us (Yay!!), transported quilts to foreign countries for us, donated money and materials, and made it all happen!

2013 is off to a wonderful start with Nancy Sheppard, one of our new Regional Coordinators, headed off to Mexico City with a load of 20 quilts.

I’ll let the smile on this little girl’s face tell you all how wonderful you are for all you did for us in 2012.


Happy New Year, everybody!

Best regards,