Another Delivery to the Kichene Study Center in Ethiopia

One of the highlights of my trip to Ethiopia last April was a visit to the Kichene Study Center where we delivered 35 quilts to needy and orphaned pre-school children. The staff are amazing, energetic, upbeat people and Linda, Brenda, and I had a wonderful time, singing and dancing with the children, and giving them quilts.

Kichene also serves as a “feeding center” and at lunchtime they provide meals to 100 more needy and orphaned school-aged children from the community. Azarat, one of the staff members at Kichene asked if it would be possible for us to deliver more quilts for the older children, and with the help of Cherokee Gives Back, we gathered an additional 100 quilts over the next several months, which were transported by Cherokee volunteers to Addis Ababa.

In January, Cherokee volunteers Matt and Will and 3 students from NC State brought the quilts to Kichene. Here is a link to the photos they took:


Amy Vercler, the Director at Cherokee House in Addis Ababa sent us the link, and noted, “Matt went up to the school last week with Will, one of our volunteers, and 3 students from NC State that had brought over the last batch of quilts. The kids were VERY excited about the quilts (note some being tossed in the air in exuberance). There was also an exchange of singing, including the firenji performance of “Head & Shoulders, Knees & Toes” as well as a rousing game of “Duck, Duck, Goose.” It was a delightful morning for all.”

Great thanks to Amy, Matt, Will and all the Cherokee volunteers, as well as QBB founders Noreen and June and all the quilters who made this delivery possible. Check out the pictures — you’ll see some very happy children!



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