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Thanks to Richard Miller, Randee Majka, and Timeless Treasures

March 25, 2013

Quilts Beyond Borders has been fortunate to have so many talented people piecing and quilting for us! Richard Miller has been making beautiful quilt tops for us for several years, and Randee started quilting for us just this year. Richard pieced all of the tops below, and Randee quilted three of them. The other two were quilted by me.   The fabric for these first two quilts (pieced by Richard, quilted by me) was donated to QBB by Timeless Treasures.

R. Miller & C. Triemer (2)R. Miller & C. Triemer

The next three were pieced  by Richard and quilted by Randee.

R. Miller & R. Majka (2) R. Miller & R. Majka (3) R. Miller & R. Majka

Great thanks to Richard, Randee and Timeless Treasures for the fabric and talent that went into making these quilts.    Three of them will be going to Ethiopia with me in September, and the other two will be going to an orphanage in Romania.  I know the children who receive them will love them!




Pictures from Second Delivery to Forgotten Navajo People

March 18, 2013

NOTE:  Pictures have been reloaded.

This week Marsha Monestersky of the Forgotten People sent us pictures of the second delivery of quilts to Navajos in the Bennett Freeze area.  She plans to send us more later this month as she travels with work crews helping the Forgotten People rebuild.

1 Cynthia L Clark & daughter

2 Cynthia L Clark w children

3 Paul Clark w quilt for grandson 4 Darrell Clark w quilt for Dorothy Clark 8 Caroline Tohannie w her quilt

 5 Norris & Lena Nez w their quilts

 7 Norris & Lena Nez w quilts for their grandchildren  6 Norris & Lena Nez w dolls for their grandchildren

Pictures are:

  1. Cynthia L Clark & daughter
  2. Cynthia L Clark w children
  3. Paul Clark w quilt for grandson
  4. Darrell Clark w quilt for Dorothy Clark
  5. Caroline Tohannie w her quilt
  6. Norris & Lena Nez w their quilts
  7. Norris & Lena Nez w quilts for their grandchildren
  8. Norris & Lena Nez w dolls for their grandchildren

Great thanks to all the quilters who made the quilts to keep these grandparents and grandchildren warm in this very cold time!



Pictures from First Delivery to Forgotten Navajo People

March 8, 2013

Recently we delivered over 100 quilts to Navajos living in the Bennett Freeze area of Arizona. This is an area that was legally forbidden to do any development for many years, and as a result, the people living in this area often live in homes that have no running water or electricity. The weather gets very cold in that area this time of year, often into the 20’s at night. Our quilts were delivered to children and their grandmothers who are their caregivers. I know the warmth of the quilts will be appreciated by all of them.

Here are the pictures:
?????Group photo 3 grnadmothers looking at quilts Group photos grandmas w quilts Mary Lane holding her quilt Mary Lane holding quilt for her grand daughterMary Rose Kee holding her quilt Rena Babbitt Lane holding her quilt Salina Begay holding her quilt Salina Begay holding quilt for her grandson Salina Begay holding quit for newborn grand daughter Vicky Begay holding her quiltGlenna Begay holding her quiltGlenna Begay holding quilt for her gand daughter

Thanks to Marsha Monestersky and Lucy Knorr of the Forgotten People, and my friend Kathleen Satterfield for making this delivery happen, and thanks to the many wonderful quilters who created these lovely quilts!



Call for Completed Quilts – and Inspiration from Loretta!

March 4, 2013

Quilts Beyond Borders has gotten off to a very fast start in 2013, with the January delivery of 20 quilts to an orphanage in Mexico and the February delivery of 100 quilts for Navajos in the Bennett Freeze Area of Arizona.  We have also made two very large commitments for mid-September.   We will be giving 300-350 quilts to Pathway to Joy Ministries for an orphanage in Romania and I will be returning to Ethiopia with 3 or 4 other volunteers along with 200-250 quilts for orphanages there.

The Request:

Unfortunately we don’t currently have enough quilts to meet both of those commitments, so we need your help.   We started the year with about a couple hundred quilts in our inventory, but at this point we’ve just about depleted our inventory of completed quilts. We have a couple hundred tops out to quilters, and we’re kitting up more tops on a daily basis. Of course not all of these will come back in time to make our September deliveries to Romania and Ethiopia, which brings me to my first objective in writing this blog post — to ask those of you reading this if you have any quilts that are complete that you might be able to donate? If you currently have any, or might be able to whip up one or two over the next 4 months, we’d be very grateful.

Please note that we are a 501(3)(c) non-profit charity, and donations can be deducted from taxes — please see your accountant for details!

Quilt Dimensions and Requirements:

Ideally, tops or finished quilts should be 40-45″ wide by 48-60″ long.  This size best fits the children’s beds.  Quilts need to be quilted sufficiently to handle rugged conditions – used by children, and washed under rugged laundry conditions (unfortunately tied quilts won’t hold up to these conditions).  Fabric can be cotton or cotton/polyester.  Batting can be cotton or polyester.  Please bind the quilts entirely by machine, so the binding will hold up longer.

If you have any quilts you’d be able to donate, please contact us at our gmail address and we’ll give you the address of our nearest regional coordinator so you can send it to us.  Here’s our gmail address:

Pease include a label for each included quilt you send. The label should read:

Quilts Beyond Borders

Made for You with Love

By (Quilter’s Name)

Belongs to (Space for Recipient’s Name)

The Deadline:

We are asking volunteers to commit to making one or more quilts by Friday, July 12, 2013. This means the quilts need to be finished and ready to send no later than this date. Please email Quilts Beyond Borders  to inform us of your commitment to completing one or more of these quilts by July 12, 2013. We will respond letting you know where you may send the quilt(s) once completed.

We thank you in advance for your willingness to continue your volunteerism with Quilts Beyond Borders. This is a new opportunity and country for Quilts Beyond Borders, and we cannot express our enthusiasm enough. We hope you are equally as excited about enriching the lives of young orphan women and children through your love of quilting.

Inspiration from Loretta:

Now, the second objective of this post is to say “Thank you very much!” to Lorretta Kelldorf, who must have read my mind! Loretta is one of our very prolific volunteers who makes many quilts for the orphanages we work with and also for us to sell for fundraising.  She was also one of our wonderful volunteers in our booth at the 2012 IQF in Houston, and she’s a great part of our team.  Loretta contacted me recently with several quilts that she was ready to donate.  Several of these quilts are already on their way to Pathway to Joy  for the orphanage in Romania.



Thank you, Loretta, for creating these beautiful quilts!  The children who receive them will cherish them!