Orphan Outreach Delivery in Kenya and Complete Quilts from Linda, Mattie and Donna

Paula Hayes of Orphan Outreach recently sent me some pictures of a quilt delivery by a team from Grand Rapids, Michigan to an orphanage in Nairobi, Kenya.   I know these children will appreciate the warmth of these quilts at night, as the weather averages in the 50’s at night all year round.

Quilts Nairobi 2013 pic 2

Quilts Nairobi 2013

We’re calling for more complete quilts over the next several months, as we have firm commitments for 300-350 for a Romanian orphanage, 200-250 for orphanages in Ethiopia, and we’re hoping to compile 25 more for India and some for Russia, all required by mid-July.  To inspire you, please take a look at these beautiful quilts we were sent by Donna Sciandra, Linda Dranchak (of Gull Cottage Quilting in West Bath, Maine) and Mattie Arnold.

D. Sciandra L. Dranchak (2)

L. Dranchak (3)   L. Dranchak (4)

L. Dranchak Mattie Arnold

These quilts are all wonderful stash-busters!  Hover your cursor over the picture to see who made it, and click on it to see a close-up.  Linda’s quilts will be split between Ethiopia and Romania.  Mattie’s is going to Romania, and Donna’s will be going to Ethiopia.  Look at earlier postings to see quilts that Donna sent for Romania also.  Ladies, thank you so much for these beautiful quilts!  You’ve inspired me to do more with my scraps!

Readers, if you’re  interested in making some quilts for one of our upcoming deliveries we’d love to have them!  Please send us a note at quiltsbeyondborders@gmail.com and we’ll be happy to tell you where to send them.

Thanks very much!  Regards,



3 Responses to “Orphan Outreach Delivery in Kenya and Complete Quilts from Linda, Mattie and Donna”

  1. Terre Klipsch Says:

    The quilts are amazing, but the FACES??? Priceless! Great work Carla! Thanks for posting.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    I’m working on some as fast as I can since I’ve been home in NY. Just bound one tonight. Will send them when I get four or five ready to go. Jeanne Ayers

  3. Carla Says:

    Thank you so much, Jeanne! I appreciate this so much — and I KNOW the children who receive your quilts will love them!


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