Woohoo! Soccer Fabric from Carrie and 16 tops from the Willoughby Wallace Library Quilters

Soccer is loved by boys all over the world, so you can just imagine how excited I was to return home to find a wonderful box of about 30 yards of fabric with a soccer theme! Carrie in Houston, Texas had donated some fabric to us late last year which included some soccer fabric. At the time I had told her how one of the young Ethiopian boys we gave a quilt to had asked if he could turn his quilt in for a smaller quilt with soccer balls in the fabrics, and so she was kind enough to set aside more soccer fabrics so we can make many more boys very happy in Ethiopia, Romania, India, Russia, and the other countries where we are providing quilts this year!


Carrie, thank you very much! Were going to use this in a lot of quilts, and there are going to be very happy boys all over the world, thanks to your generosity!

We were also blessed by a recent donation of quilt tops from the Willoughby Wallace Library Quilters in Stony Creek, CT. The tops were pieced by Kim Bennett and Ann Prota, and Deborah Hall and Ann Collier were kind enough to provide backs and binding for them so we could easily provide them to longarmers to turn into finished quilts. These beautiful modern scrappy tops are inspiring me to dive into my stash and see what I can come up with, too!
Jeanne_Prota-1 Jeanne_Prota-2 Kim_Bennett-1 Kim_Bennett-2 Kim_Bennett-3 Kim_Bennett-4 Kim_Bennett-5 Kim_Bennett-6 Kim_Bennett-7 Kim_Bennett-8 Kim_Bennett-9 Kim_Bennett-10 Kim_Bennett-11 Kim_Bennett-12 Kim_Bennett-13 Kim_Bennett-14

Ladies, thank you all for your kind and generous donations! I know the children who receive the quilts made from these fun tops and Carrie’s wonderful fabric are really going to cherish them!



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