Delivery to Children in Black Mesa, Navajo Nation

Quilts Beyond Borders has been working with Forgotten People, an organization dedicated to helping the Navajos living in the Bennett Freeze Area. The people who live there were legally prohibited from even putting electricity and running water in their homes until recently, and nights get cold there this time of year so the quilts we provided were very happily received by the children living there. We recently received photos of a delivery by Forgotten People to children at the Mesa View Baptist Church in Black Mesa.

Choices 1Choices 2???

Mabel Benallyand Fern BenallyLg groupBig group 2

Bigger group 3Bigger group 4

Close up kid w blanket 1Close up kid w blanket 2Close up kid w blanket 4Close up kid w blanket

The smiles on the faces of the children are wonderful to see!   Great thanks to all the quilters who helped to make this delivery possible!




One Response to “Delivery to Children in Black Mesa, Navajo Nation”

  1. Sharon Says:

    Look at those lovely happy, smiley faces – fantastic!

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