Beautiful quilting by Katy & Vickie on tops by Donna, Marilyn, Jean and Kim

We’re currently working on several initiatives to gather quilts for orphans in Romania, India, Russia and Ethiopia, all deliveries to take place this summer. Pathway to Joy Ministries will be taking 300+ quilts to an orphanage in Romania n July, Orphan Outreach will be taking 25 to India in June and as many as we can muster for them to take to Russia, and QBB will be taking 200 with us to Ethiopia in September. We’ve been very excited about the number of quilters that have contacted us and donated quilts, but we’re still in need of another 100-150 by June. If you can help, please check out our page on to find out what our quilt construction requirements are, and contact us at to ask us for an address to send your donation.

With all of these initiatives going on, we were very pleased to receive these beautiful quilts from Katy S from Michigan and Vickie in NH. Please make sure to hover your cursor over the pictures to see the names of the quilters and piecers and click on them to see the beautiful quilts close up.

Katy’s going to be mother-of-the-bride this month, so I’m totally in awe that she was able to get these quilts to us so quickly with everything else she’s got going on! She quilted 3 from Donna and Marilyn and added two that she made herself. Her quilts will be going to Romania and Ethiopia. Katy doesn’t quilt professionally, but she does a lot of personal quilting and charity quilting. You can see more of Katy’s beautiful work at her blog:

Vickie in NH is one of the “Guiding Lights” on the Hinterberg Yahoo Group and has been giving me great quilting advice through that group for over 6 years. She was also among the first people to volunteer to quilt tops for QBB in 2008, and I greatly appreciate how generous she is with her talents! The tops that Vickie quilted came to us from the Willoughby Wallace Library Quilters Jean and Kim. These quilts will be going to Orphan Outreach to deliver on their trips to India and Russia.

Donna S & Katy S (2) Donna S & Katy S Katy S

Katy S2 Marilyn B & Katy S

1Vickie - Jean 1 1Vickie - Jean 3 1Vickie - Kim 1

1Vickie - Kim 3 1Vickie - Kim 5

Great thanks to Vickie and Katy for their beautiful quilting, and to Donna, Marilyn, Jean and Kim for the lovely tops! I know the children on 3 continents who receive these quilts will appreciate their warmth and beauty!



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