Quilts from Wonderful Quilters, From Sea to Shining Sea and Amidst the Amber Waves of Grain

I’ve been watching a discussion of scrap quilting on the Janome 6500 Yahoo Group, and it seemed to be the perfect time to feature some of the beautiful quilts made by some of the wonderful women who make quilts for Quilts Beyond Borders. I was also struck by the fact that we had quilters from both coasts and smack dab in the middle of the country, and it just really reminded me of the song “America, the Beautiful.”

The quilts we’re featuring today will be sent to orphans and needy children in Russia, Romania, and Ethiopia.  We still need at least 85 more quilts by July5 for the group that will be traveling to Russia in late July.  They expect to be going to orphanages that include a total of 150-200 orphans.   So if you’re wondering what to do with some of your scraps, please realize that by combining your creativity, your scraps, and your generosity, you can help us keep more children warm at night!

The first three quilts below were made by Linda Dranchak, a professional longarmer who has a business, Gull Cottage Quilting, in West Bath, Maine.  All three so cute and so different!

L. Dranchak 1 L. Dranchak 2 L. Dranchak 3

J. McKayThe next beautiful quilt was made by Jean McKay, from Medicine Lodge, Kansas. Jean is a member of the “Scrap Pack Quilt Guild” in Kiowa and Medicine Lodge, KS and “Pratt Area Quilters Guild” in Pratt, KS. Jean asked me to mention her longarmer, Theresa Farrar, of Home Star Machine Quilting in Medicine Lodge, KS. I had the opportunity to meet Jean at the MQS in Wichita, Kansas earlier this month. QBB does most of our work via email and post office, and it’s always such a treat to meet one of our quilters in person!

Eileen F.Eileen from California was at the International Quilt Festival in Houston last year and picked up one of our kits to make this top. She added fabrics from her own stash to make it larger and enhance it, with such lovely results!

The two  cute quilts in the picture below were made by Delleen Kompkoff from Oregon.  What a great idea for using up some of those strips in ones’ scraps!

Delleen K.

The last three pretty scrap quilts were made by Linda Cadzow from Portland, Oregon, and photographed by Karen Vander Stoep.  Click on the thumbnails to see how she put these together!  I’m inspired!

Linda C 1 Linda C 2 Linda C 3

Great thanks to all of the creative ladies who made these beautiful quilts!  I know the children who receive these quilts will cherish them, and appreciate them for their warmth at night!




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