Pretty Quilts from Joanne & Donna, Laurene & Kim

When you combine the talents of two imaginative piecers with the skills of two creative longarmers, wonderful things can happen! These seven quilts were made from tops sent to us by Donna Sciandra of Buffalo, NY, and Kim Bennett, one of the Willoughby Wallace Library Quilters of Stony Creek, CT. We sent the tops on to Joanne Dana, a professional longarmer who recently moved to Tucson, AZ, and Laurene Farley, of Peacock Quilting ( in Gunnison, CO. Joann and Laurene did their special magic on the pretty tops from Donna and Kim, and sent the quilts to Cheryl Batsche, one of our regional coordinators, who is coordinating an initiative to send quilts with Orphan Outreach to orphanages in Russia in July.

The first four quilts below were made by Joanne and Donna. The remainder were made by Kim and Laurene. Click on any of the photos for a closer view.

Joanne - Donna 1Joanne - Donna 2Joanne - Donna 3Joanne - Donna 4

IMG_1201 IMG_1205

IMG_3134 IMG_1203

Seven children living in Russia will be very happy to receive these quilts! Thank you, Ladies, for the beautiful work you did on those quilts!



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