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Beautiful Young Ladies with Quilts in India!

June 26, 2013

We recently received these pictures from Paula Hayes of Orphan Outreach, an organization out of Plano, Texas. We supplied Paula with 25 quilts for her trip over to the Jeevan Anand Home orphanage in India.

Over the last year, we’ve worked with Orphan Outreach to provide quilts to children in orphanages in Guatemala, Kenya and Russia, and we’ll be sending another 200 with Paula to Russia next month.

Jeevan Anand Home 1 Jeevan Anand Home 2

Jeevan Anand Home 3 Jeevan Anand Home 5

Jeevan Anand Home 4

Jeevan Anand Home 6

Look at the beautiful smiles on the faces of these young ladies! Great thanks to Orphan Outreach and all the quilters who helped us to make this happen!



More Beautiful Quilts by Donna Sciandra, Mary Ann Ray and Katy S

June 20, 2013

Donna Sciandra has made about 200 quilts and tops for us over the last two and a half years — probably close to 100 this year alone! She’s not only prolific, but also extremely creative. Whether she’s using manufacturers’ samples, scraps, or tops that were started and never finished by others, Donna’s tops are always inventive and well-made.

Some of the tops that Donna has made were quilted by longarmers who have graciously volunteered their time and talents for Quilts Beyond Borders. Two that are featured today are Mary Ann Ray from Oklahoma and Katy S. from Michigan. They both did a lovely job of finishing Donna’s tops to make them really special. Click on the pictures to see them close up.

The first quilt shown below is one that Donna made from samples donated to us from Timeless Treasures. The fabrics include “New York City, Navy”, and two fabrics by Gail Cadden, “City” and “Taxi Cabs” as well as other coordinating fabrics from those collections. Timeless Treasures has been so generous to us at IQF, giving us sales samples each year which are turned into beautiful quilts like the one Donna made below. I will be taking this quilt with me to Ethiopia early next year. Donna's Timeless Treasures Quilt

The first two quilts below were pieced by Donna and quilted by Mary Ann Ray.
Donna - Mary Ann Ray - Russia 1 Donna - Mary Ann Ray - Russia 2

The next quilts were pieced and quilted by Donna. The first five will be going to Romania, and the next 5 will be going to Russia.

Donna - Romania Quilt 01 Donna - Romania Quilt 02 Donna - Romania Quilt 03

Donna - Romania Quilt 04 Donna - Romania Quilt 05

Donna - Russia 1 Donna - Russia 2 Donna - Russia 3

Donna - Russia 4 Donna - Russia 5

The last six quilts were pieced by Donna and quilted by Katy S.  They are all headed to Russia.
Donna Sciandra - Katy Sweigart 1 Donna Sciandra - Katy Sweigart 2 Donna Sciandra - Katy Sweigart 3

Donna Sciandra - Katy Sweigart 4 Donna Sciandra - Katy Sweigart ddkd2 K Besaw Donna Sciandra - Katy Sweigart ddkd2Sammie Ruth

Donna, Mary Ann and Katy, thank you so much for generously creating all of these beautiful quilts! The children who receive them will cherish them!

More Beautiful Quilts from Helen Baczynski

June 13, 2013

Helen Baczynski is an accomplished quilter who installs IntelliStitch stitch regulators and IntelliQuilter computer guidance systems for longarm quilting machines. She has also made many beautiful quilts for Quilts Beyond Borders. She met me at the Machine Quilting Show in Wichita, KS last month where she was working in the IntelliQuilter Booth, and gave me the 8 beautiful quilts that you see below.  Helen said, “I love making these – they are a good size to complete quickly and a good way to use my stash.”

Please click on the thumbnails to see the quilts up close.

Helen B 1 Helen B 2 Helen B 3

Helen B 4 Helen B 5 Helen B 6

Helen B 7 Helen B 8

This group of quilts will be headed to children in Russia and Ethiopia. I know the children who receive these will cherish them! Thank you so much, Helen!


More Beautiful Quilts from Jeannie, Audrey, Sally, Barbara and the GC Quilters

June 6, 2013

As you may know, we’re currently pulling together some quilts to send with a group from Orphan Outreach (OO) which is going to Russia in July and will be working with orphanages that have between 150-200 children living in them. We’ve made great strides toward our goal, but we still need at least 57 quilts.

We also recently pulled together 25 quilts for OO to take to an orphanage in India next week.  Some of the quilts that will be headed to India came to us from longarm quilters Jeannie Rasmussen of Nebraska and Barbara Nilles of Washington.

The first six pictures below show quilts that were pieced by the GC Quilters of Gold Canyon, AZ, and quilted by Barbara.   Please click on the thumbnails to see them close-up.

GC - Nilles 1   GC - Nilles 2

GC - Nilles 3   GC - Nilles 4

GC - Nilles 5   GC - Nilles 6

The four quilts below were quilted by Jeannie.  The yellow, blue and green one was pieced by Sally Flatebo, and the pink, cranberry and beige one was pieced by Audrey Murphy, who has made dozens and dozens of tops for QBB over the years. The two quilts in the bottom row were pieced by a person or persons who did not provide their names.  If you recognize them, please let us know so we can give credit where credit is due.

Rasmussen - Flatebo   Rasmussen - Murphy

Rasmussen - Anon2   Rasmussen - Anon1

Ladies, these quilts are all just beautiful!  Thank you so much for giving us the benefit of your talent and generosity! I know the children who receive them will cherish them!