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To Russia with Love – I

July 29, 2013

Batsche Guestroom 2Earlier this month one of our Regional Coordinators, Cheryl Batsche and her husband, Tim, loaded about 200 quilts into their car and headed north to Plano to meet with Paula Hayes of Orphan Outreach, an organization that we’ve worked with over the last couple of years to facilitate the delivery of quilts to children in several countries including Kenya, Guatemala, Russia, India, and Honduras.  Did you ever wonder what THAT many quilts look like?  Here they are at Cheryl’s house, “lounging” in the guestroom!  And, believe me, this picture doesn’t show them all!

And here’s a picture of them with Cheryl, Tim and Paula at the Orphan Outreach Offices in Plano, and another shot of the quilts in the room serving as a “warehouse” while awaiting the trip,  with Catherine, one of the staff members at OO.

Cheryl Tim Paula at OO 2  OO Warehouse 1 w Catherine

Many of the quilts in these bags came from members of the Sunshine Online Quilt Guild and the Hands2Help Charity Challenge.  The quilts in the pictures below were made by:

  • Diane Averett
  • Kim Bennett
  • Theola Breaux
  • Jeri Carney
  • Jean Cizek
  • Liz Clark
  • Laurie Gelazin
  • Jan H.
  • Debi Jackson
  • Lauren Kerns
  • Sheryn Lewis
  • Theresa Maddox
  • Richard Miller
  • Audrey Murphy
  • Kim Prows
  • Barbara Stack
  • Judy Woerner
  • Mary Yohn

Barbara Stack - Jan H.Barbara Stack - Jan H2.Barbara Stack - Jan H3.Debi Jackson 1Diane AverettDebi Jackson 6Debi Jackson 5Debi Jackson 4Debi Jackson 3Debi Jackson 2Judy Woerner1Jeri Carney - Theola Breaux 4Jeri Carney - Theola Breaux 3Jeri Carney - Theola Breaux 2Jeri Carney - Theola Breaux 1Jean CizekKim Prows 2Kim Prows 1Judy Woerner5Judy Woerner4Judy Woerner3Judy Woerner2Mary Yohn - Debi JacksonLiz ClarkLaurie Gelazin - Kim Bennett 3Laurie Gelazin - Kim Bennett 2Laurie Gelazin - Kim Bennett 1Lauren Kerns - IQFKit Sheryn Lewis - Richard Miller 5Sheryn Lewis - Richard Miller 4Sheryn Lewis - Richard Miller 3Sheryn Lewis - Richard Miller 2Sheryn Lewis - Richard Miller 1Mary Yohn - Theola BreauxTheresa Maddox 3Theresa Maddox 2Theresa Maddox 1Theresa Maddox - Audrey Murphy2 Theresa Maddox - Audrey MurphySheryn Lewis - Richard Miller 6

To see who created each of these beautiful quilts, hover your cursor over the thumbnail and the names can be seen in the filename of the quilt. For a larger view and a close-up of the quilting, click on the thumbnail.

I know the children who receive these beautiful quilts will cherish each and every one of them.  Chery did a wonderful job of coordinating this effort for us, and says she couldn’t have done it without all the help and support she received from her wonderful husband, Tim.  Paula and Catherine, thank you both for all the great work that you and the others at Orphan Outreach do to help children around the world.   And to all of the quilters, thank you so much!  Many children in the orphanages Orphan Outreach visits this summer will sleep more warmly and comfortably, thanks to your talent and generosity!




Today Quilts from Lori R, Carolyn S & Marilyn B

July 26, 2013

Today all of our quilts have been beautifully quilted by Lori Roelse and pieced by Carolyn Sower, Marilyn Barba and one by Lori. These quilts will be going to children in Haiti and we know they will be thrilled with them. They are really cute.  Thanks ladies!

Regards, Tina

Remember to hover your cursor over the thumbnail to see the name of the quilter, and click on it to see a larger view.
LoriR-CarolynS-Jul26-1   LoriR-MarilynB-Jul26

LoriR-CarolynS-Jul26-3  LoriR-Jul26


Quilts Today from Donna Sciandra and Sandy Kendrick

July 25, 2013

Today we are featuring quilts pieced by our prolific quilter, Donna Sciandra, and quilted by Sandy Kendrick from Maryland. The quilts are so cute and will be used for an upcoming delivery. We know the children will love these.  If you hover over the thumbnails you can see a larger view of the quilt and the gorgeous quilting done by Sandy.  Thanks so much to Donna and Sandy!

SandyK-DonnaS-Jul2013-4  SandyK-DonnaS-Jul2013-3


SandyK-DonnaS-Jul2013-2  SandyK-DonnaSJul2013-1




This Little Light of Mine — I’m Gonna Let it Shine

July 20, 2013

When I was a little girl I loved to go to Sunday school and one of my favorite songs to sing was the one I put in the title of this post.  That song has been running through my head off and on ever since I received a big box that was sent to me from Sarah Craig in Mt. Juliet, Tennessee.

Sarah has a great blog called Confessions of a Fabric Addict (  ) and runs the Hands 2 Help Charity Challenge each year.  She’s also involved with the Glade Church Quilters in Gladeville Tennessee, and Sarah and the Quilters worked with the grade-school children in that church to make 16 adorable quilts for children in Ethiopia!  The children signed the quilts, so the Ethiopian children who received them will be able to see the names of the American children who helped to make those quilts.   Here’s a picture of the Glade Church Children with the beautiful quilts they sent:

Kids Helping Kids

We’ll be taking these adorable quilts with us when we go to Ethiopia in the Spring, and I’ll have to bring a copy of this picture with me so the children who receive the quilts can see pictures of the children who sent them.  For more information of this project, take a look at Sarah’s blog post here:

Sarah also included a couple of wonderful quilts in the box from one of the Hands 2 Help Charity Challenge participants, Mickey White:

Mickey White 1 Mickey White 2

Mickey, I know the children who receive these wonderful quilts are going to love them!

Now, since I mentioned that song that’s been going through my head ever since that box arrived.  I’ve been looking at some of the quilts that I’ve received from the Hands 2 Help Participants and the Sunshine Online Quilt Guild and some of our other volunteers and there are several of them that I think of as “Lights and Brights”.  They all are beautiful scrappy quilts with lots of lights, brights and whites in them, and they all have similar color schemes but they’re all so different, and all beautiful!

These quilts were made by:

  • Ann Drake
  • Etoile Gatreau
  • Julie in Georgia
  • Karen Paschke
  • Katy Sweigert
  • Ruble
  • S. Kidney
  • Shelli Leen
  • Susan N.

Hover over the thumbnails to see the names of the quilters, and click to see them up close.  The thumbnails don’t do them justice, they’re really beautiful!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Etoile Gatreau 2 Julie in Georgia

Karen Paschke & Shelli Leen H2H Karen Paschke 1 Karen Paschke 2

Katy Sweigart Ruble S. Kidney H2H


Thank you so much to Sarah and the children and quilters of Glade Church, and to all of the ladies we’ve named above.  I know all of the children who receive these wonderful quilts will feel the light and  love shining through them!



More Beautiful Quilts from Generous Quilters

July 12, 2013

Today we’re featuring more beautiful quilts sent to us for our deliveries to Romania, Russian and Ethiopia by talented quilters, many of whom belong to the Sunshine Online Quilt Guild. The quilters who created these lovely quilts are:

  • Carol Egan
  • JoAnn Sager
  • Pattilou Ferguson
  • Rose Herring
  • Laurie Sanders
  • Sally Stromberg

Hover your cursor over the thumbnail to see the name of the quilter, and click on it to see a larger view.

Carol Egan 1 Carol Egan 2 Carol Egan 3 - Russia Carol Egan 4 - Russia

JoAnn Sager 2JoAnn Sager 3JoAnn Sager

Pattilou Ferguson 1 - Russia Pattilou Ferguson 2 - Russia Pattilou Ferguson 3 - Russia

Pattilou Ferguson 4 - Russia Rose Herring 1 Rose Herring 2 

Laurie S SG1  Laurie S SG2

Laurie S SG3 Laurie S SG4

Sally S 1 Sally S 2

Ladies, I know the children who receive these wonderful quilts are going to really love them! Thank you so much!



Après le Déluge

July 4, 2013

The next couple weeks will be very busy for those of us involved with Quilts Beyond Borders as we prepare to get 500 quilts into the air and headed toward Romania and Russia. We’ve been very blessed with contributions from many women (and some men and children!) across the United States, and some from other countries as well. Many of these generous people are participants in various quilting groups and challenges, especially the UU Quilters of Tarpon Springs, Sunshine Online Quilting Guild, Hands 2 Help Charity Challenge, Gold Canyon Quilters, and Northern Illinois Longarm Guild (NILAG). We’ve even received a large box of adorable quilts created by the children of the Glade Church in Glade Tennessee!

Since requesting quilts for upcoming trips to Russia, Romania, India and Ethiopia we’ve received such a wonderful flood of quilts that we will be able to send some quilts with a mission group that works with an orphanage in the mountains of Haiti, where it gets very cold at night! In fact, when we’d received a request for quilts for Russia, we thought we’d only be able to provide 25, but it turns out that we’ll be able to provide quilts for all 200 of the children in the orphanages that the Orphan Outreach group will be seeing!

We are so grateful to all the talented quilters who have helped us to accommodate the requests we received for quilts! I know the children who receive these beautiful quilts will cherish each and every one as they snuggle in their warmth!

Over the next several weeks I’ll be featuring pictures of many of the quilts that we have received from all of these generous quilters. In many cases they arrived to us without addresses, sometimes without last names or even first names! Some folks preferred to be anonymous donors. Many of the quilts didn’t arrive with any group designation, and some did, but as some days we received many quilts in many packages (my record was receiving 46 quilts in 2 days!) we may not always attribute the right quilt to the right person. So if we get anything incorrect, please feel free to send us a note or leave a comment, and we’ll be happy to post a correction.

These quilts come from the following talented ladies:

  • Mary Allenspach (NILAG)
  • Barbara Carlson (NILAG)
  • Becky Fox and Andrea Fox (Mother and Daugter)
  • Rebecca Goldner
  • Delleen Kompkoff
  • Susy McCall
  • Bev Parker
  • Linda Powell
  • Donna Sciandra
  • Nancy Spurgeon (NILAG)
  • Gold Canyon Quilters

As always, hover your cursor over the thumbnail to see the name of the file, which will tell you who the quiltmakers are.  If you click on the thumbnail, you will be able to see a larger view.

Barbara C 1Barbara C 2Bev Parker & Becky  Fox & Andrea FoxMary ANancy Sturgeon & Becky Fox & Andrea FoxNancy Sturgeon & Donna Sciandra - in honor of Larry S a StargazerNancy Sturgeon & Donna SciandraNancy Sturgeon 2Nancy Sturgeon 7

Nancy Sturgeon 8Nancy Sturgeon 9Nancy Sturgeon 1Becky & GCQ - Rus1Becky & GCQ - Rus2Becky & GCQ - Rus4Becky & GCQ - Rus3Becky & GCQ - Rus5Becky & GCQ - Rus6

Becky & GCQ - Rus7Becky & GCQ - Rus8Becky & GCQ - Rus9Becky & GCQ - Rus10AnonymousDelleen Kompkoff 2Delleen KompkoffLinda Powell

Suzy McCall 1Suzy McCall 2Suzy McCall 3

Thank you to all the ladies who made these lovely quilts!  These quilts will be going to Ethiopia, Russia, Romania, and Haiti.  The children will love them!  And thanks to all the other quilters who have send us quilts over the last two months!  Stay tuned!  You’ll be seeing more soon!