More Beautiful Quilts from Generous Quilters

Today we’re featuring more beautiful quilts sent to us for our deliveries to Romania, Russian and Ethiopia by talented quilters, many of whom belong to the Sunshine Online Quilt Guild. The quilters who created these lovely quilts are:

  • Carol Egan
  • JoAnn Sager
  • Pattilou Ferguson
  • Rose Herring
  • Laurie Sanders
  • Sally Stromberg

Hover your cursor over the thumbnail to see the name of the quilter, and click on it to see a larger view.

Carol Egan 1 Carol Egan 2 Carol Egan 3 - Russia Carol Egan 4 - Russia

JoAnn Sager 2JoAnn Sager 3JoAnn Sager

Pattilou Ferguson 1 - Russia Pattilou Ferguson 2 - Russia Pattilou Ferguson 3 - Russia

Pattilou Ferguson 4 - Russia Rose Herring 1 Rose Herring 2 

Laurie S SG1  Laurie S SG2

Laurie S SG3 Laurie S SG4

Sally S 1 Sally S 2

Ladies, I know the children who receive these wonderful quilts are going to really love them! Thank you so much!




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