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Quilts for Russia, Ethiopia and Haiti

August 29, 2013

This summer Cheryl and I received an absolute flood of beautiful quilts from the Hands 2 Help Charity Participants and the Sunshine Online Quilt Guild for upcoming deliveries to children in orphanages in Russia, Ethiopia and Haiti. Some of them have already headed to Russia and Haiti, and the remainder will be taken by me to Ethiopia in the spring. In fact, you’ve seen a few of these quilts in pictures from Haiti earlier this month!

The creators of the beautiful quilts in this wonderful visual feast are:
Adele Dizney
Adora George
Anita Stevens
Ann Skelton
Annette Renard
Carol Steely
Cathy Labath
Chris McNeil
Debbie Lamar
Jean Younghantz
Kathy Decker
Linda Roush
M. Kennison
Pam Stahl
Pat Parks
Rebecca Biddle
Rebecca Townsend
Sharon Vrooman
Sheila Nichols
Sherry Book
Sue Daurio

As always, hover over the picture with your cursor to see the name of the quilter, and click on the thumbnail to see it close up .

Adele D - H2H Adele D 2 Adora George 1 Adora George 2

Anita Stevens Ann Skelton Annette R.

Cathy L in Iowa 1 Carol S 3  Carol S

Carol S 2 Cathy L in Iowa 2  Cathy L in Iowa 3

Cathy L in Iowa 4 Chris McN Connie  Linda Roush 1

Jean Y - H2H Debbie L Kathy D for Eth

Linda Roush 2 Linda Roush 3 Linda Roush 4

Linda Roush 6 Linda Roush 5 Linda Roush 7  Pat Parks 2

Pat Parks 1 M Kennison 1 Rebecca B

M Kennison 2 Rebecca T  Sharon Vrooman 

Sherry Book 1Sherry Book 2  Pam Stahl H2H 

 Sue Daurio 2 Sue Daurio  Sheila Nichols

I know the children who receive these wonderful quilts will appreciate their warmth and beauty! Thank you so much, Ladies!



Quilts from Donna, Theola, Sharleen, Laurene and Deb

August 26, 2013

It so much fun to see the great variety of fabrics used in these quilts and how they all seem to play well together. As you enjoy today’s show, take a step back and just enjoy the movement and vibrancy and uniqueness of each quilt. Even though sometimes the same pattern is used, the fabric choices really make each one a treasure.

The first set of quilts was pieced by Donna Sciandra and Sharleen Rainville. I’ve included close ups of some of the quilting so you can enjoy that as well.  Donna has pieced over 113 tops just for QBB this year! What a prolific and generous quilter she is. Sharleen just recently bought her longarm and she did a wonderful job quilting them.

Donna Sciandra and Sharleen Rainville IMG_1065

Donna Sciandra, Sharleen Rainville IMG_1062

The second set was also pieced by Donna and quilted by Deb Lindley. Deb loves McTavishing and it certainly plays well with these tops to make beautiful treasures for the children.

Donna Sciandra and Deb Lindley Donna Sciandra and Deb Lindley IMG_1087 

Donna Sciandra and Deb Lindley   IMG_1081 IMG_1079

Donna Sciandra and Deb Lindley IMG_1083

Our third set of quilts were pieced by Theola Breaux and quilted by Laurene Farley who also included some wonderful scraps in her box for us. I love the simplicity of the patterns and how the fabrics play together so nicely and the quilting ties it all together.

Theola Breaux and Laurene Farley Theola Breaux and Laurene Farley Theola Breaux and Laurene Farley

Theola Breaux and Laurene Farley Theola Breaux and Laurene Farley IMG_1075

IMG_1073 IMG_1070 IMG_1068

Thank you so much, ladies, for all your hard work and dedication. These quilts are really going to brighten many children’s lives.



Sisterhood of the Traveling Quilts

August 23, 2013

Do any of you remember the movie called “Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants”? It’s a great movie and talks about the close friendship among four best girlfriends who are beginning each of their adult lives in a different direction. They decide to stay connected with one another by passing around a pair of secondhand jeans that fits each of their bodies perfectly. Well today’s post kind of reminds me of that same story. Last November at Quilt Market, two of our regional coordinators, Karen and Carla, received donated fabric from a vendor. Well that fabric was taken home by one of our volunteers, Maureen Collup of Killeen TX. She pieced the tops and then hand carried them to Karen in Redmond, WA. Karen sent them to Delleen Komkoff in Gresham, OR for quilting. These quilts are now back in Karen’s hands waiting for a future delivery. I am only showing 3 photos because there are 2 identical of the zoo panel and 2 of the soft pastel quilt. Thanks Maureen and Delleen.  We definitely have Sisterhood of the Traveling Quilts.
Enjoy, Tina
Collup Komkoff 1Collup Komkoff 2Collup Komkoff 3

The Best Exercise…

August 18, 2013

Is reaching down to lift someone up!

This is one of my favorite sayings and I think of it every time a box arrives on my doorstep with more beautiful quilts. Today’s post features a brand new quilter who donated her first quilt top to us, April B. It also features someone who is very familiar to us, Donna S.

April Burger and Sandi WattersDonna Sciandra and S WattersDonna Sciandra and S WattersDonna Sciandra and S WattersDonna Sciandra and S Watters

I had the pleasure of quilting all these tops and was very grateful to April and Donna for their generous offerings. I know they will bring many happy smiles to the children’s faces. Thank you so very much! These quilts will be used for an upcoming delivery and as always, just hover over the pictures to see more details.


A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

August 14, 2013

If you’ve ever wondered why we make and give quilts to children throughout the world, look at these pictures. We sent quilts to Sherrie Cole of Free Methodist Haiti Inland Mission for orphanages in Haiti. The children in these pictures are at the Ebenezer Glenn Orphanage in Dessalines, Haiti.

We don’t always get pictures of every delivery because some orphanages don’t allow it, and frankly sometimes the travelers are so excited that they forget to take any pictures. We are thrilled to be able to share these pictures with you.

Thanks to all the piecers and quilters who have helped make our mission a success!

Cheers, Tina

Haiti3 Haiti5

Haiti8 Haiti9

Haiti16 Haiti12

To Russia (& Honduras!) with Love – III

August 11, 2013

And there’s more! Last month many quilters from across the United States including those from the Sunshine Online Quilt Guild and the Hands2Help Charity Challenge participants helped us to pull together more than 200 quilts that are being taken by our friends at Orphan Outreach to orphanages in Russia and Honduras. There are going to be many, many children happily snuggling in all these adorable quilts!

Today on our blog we’re featuring quilts from:

  • Lia Broadnax
  • Claire
  • Ann Drake
  • Linda Dunn
  • Loretta Kelldorf
  • Sarah L
  • Michelle Lynch
  • Sheryl Mesloh
  • Felicia Ramirez
  • Donna Richards
  • Tammy Simpson
  • Carolyn Sower
  • Linda Mullins Spirio
  • Sandra Waters
  • Sarah Wilkinson

Several of these ladies have close ties to QBB, serving on our board, volunteering in our booth, and quilting for us for many years.  Great thanks to all of you!

And here are the beautiful quilts!  Hover your cursor to get the names of the quiltmakers, and click to see larger views.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Ann Drake 3 Claire & Michelle Lynch SG 1 Donna Richards SG 1 Donna Richards SG 2 Felicia Ramirez 1 Felicia Ramirez 2 Felicia Ramirez 3 Lia Brodnax SG 1 Lia Brodnax SG 2 Linda Mullins Spirio & Carolyn Sower Linda Mullins Spirio 1 Loretta Kelldorf & Carolyn Sower 1 Loretta Kelldorf & Carolyn Sower 2 Loretta Kelldorf & Carolyn Sower 3 Loretta Kelldorf & Carolyn Sower 4 Loretta Kelldorf Sandra Waters1 Sandra Waters2 Sarah L & Michelle Lynch SG 1 Sarah L & Michelle Lynch SG 2 Sarah L & Michelle Lynch SG 3 Sarah L & Michelle Lynch SG 4 Sarah Wilkinson SG 1 Sarah Wilkinson SG 2 Sarah Wilkinson SG 3 Sarah Wilkinson SG 4 Sarah Wilkinson SG 5 Sarah Wilkinson SG 6 Sheryl Mesloh - Linda Dunn SG 1 Tammy Simpson 1 Tammy Simpson 2 Tammy Simpson 3 Tammy Simpson 4 Tammy Simpson 5

Thank you ladies!  I know the children who receive these wonderful quilts will cherish them greatly!



To Russia with Love II — Oh, and Some for Honduras!

August 4, 2013

ImageLast week I showed you some of the quilts that went with Orphan Outreach to Russia — and a view of Cheryl’s guestroom, while she was storing all those quilts in anticipation of the trip!  That first picture didn’t really show the whole story — here’s another one!

And thanks to all the wonderful quilters from the Sunshine Online Quilt Guild and the Hands 2 Help Challenge participants, we were able to deliver even more quilts to Orphan Outreach than we’d expected, so some of the quilts will be going to orphanages in Honduras.  They left this week!

The quilts we’re showing below are among those that Orphan Outreach is transporting to Russia and Honduras.  They were made by members of the two aforementioned groups as well as many other quilters, some who’ve worked with Quilts Beyond Borders for many years.  Thank you all for your beautiful work!  Here are the names of the creators of these beautiful quilts:

  • Marilyn Barba
  • Debra Berkebile
  • Bisthia
  • Rosemary Boros
  • Cindy Burke
  • Geraldine Clark
  • Doreen
  • Etoile Gatreau
  • Debi Jackson
  • Catherine Sue Kolker
  • Sarah L
  • Audrey Murphy
  • Margaret Pargin
  • Pat Parks
  • Susan Patcheat
  • Tammy S
  • Joan Sager
  • Donna Sciandra
  • Kathy Thompson
  • David Wilson
  • Judy Wood

As always, hover your cursor over the photos to see the names of the quilters, and click on them to see them close up.

Catherine Sue Kolker Cindy Burke David Wilson - Bisthia David Wilson - Donna Sciandra 1 David Wilson - Donna Sciandra 2 David Wilson - Geraldine Clark David Wilson - Marilyn Barba 1 David Wilson - Marilyn Barba 2 David Wilson - Rosemary Boros Debi Jackson 1 Debi Jackson 2 Debi Jackson 3 Debi Jackson 4 Debra Berkebile - Ann Debra Berkebile - Margaret Pargin Debra Berkebile Doreen Etoile Gatreau 3 Etoile Gatreau Joann Sagar Judy Wood 1 Judy Wood 2 Kathy Thompson 1 Kathy Thompson 2 Pat Parks 1 Pat Parks 2 Sarah L and Kathy Thompson 1 Sarah L and Kathy Thompson 2 Susan Patcheat - Joann Sagar 2 Susan Patcheat - Joann Sagar Tammy S 1 Tammy S 2 Tammy S 3 Tammy S 4 Tammy S 5 x - Audrey Murphy 2 x - Audrey Murphy

Great thanks to all the quilters who made these beautiful quilts!  I know the children in Russia and Honduras who receive them will cherish them!