To Russia with Love II — Oh, and Some for Honduras!

ImageLast week I showed you some of the quilts that went with Orphan Outreach to Russia — and a view of Cheryl’s guestroom, while she was storing all those quilts in anticipation of the trip!  That first picture didn’t really show the whole story — here’s another one!

And thanks to all the wonderful quilters from the Sunshine Online Quilt Guild and the Hands 2 Help Challenge participants, we were able to deliver even more quilts to Orphan Outreach than we’d expected, so some of the quilts will be going to orphanages in Honduras.  They left this week!

The quilts we’re showing below are among those that Orphan Outreach is transporting to Russia and Honduras.  They were made by members of the two aforementioned groups as well as many other quilters, some who’ve worked with Quilts Beyond Borders for many years.  Thank you all for your beautiful work!  Here are the names of the creators of these beautiful quilts:

  • Marilyn Barba
  • Debra Berkebile
  • Bisthia
  • Rosemary Boros
  • Cindy Burke
  • Geraldine Clark
  • Doreen
  • Etoile Gatreau
  • Debi Jackson
  • Catherine Sue Kolker
  • Sarah L
  • Audrey Murphy
  • Margaret Pargin
  • Pat Parks
  • Susan Patcheat
  • Tammy S
  • Joan Sager
  • Donna Sciandra
  • Kathy Thompson
  • David Wilson
  • Judy Wood

As always, hover your cursor over the photos to see the names of the quilters, and click on them to see them close up.

Catherine Sue Kolker Cindy Burke David Wilson - Bisthia David Wilson - Donna Sciandra 1 David Wilson - Donna Sciandra 2 David Wilson - Geraldine Clark David Wilson - Marilyn Barba 1 David Wilson - Marilyn Barba 2 David Wilson - Rosemary Boros Debi Jackson 1 Debi Jackson 2 Debi Jackson 3 Debi Jackson 4 Debra Berkebile - Ann Debra Berkebile - Margaret Pargin Debra Berkebile Doreen Etoile Gatreau 3 Etoile Gatreau Joann Sagar Judy Wood 1 Judy Wood 2 Kathy Thompson 1 Kathy Thompson 2 Pat Parks 1 Pat Parks 2 Sarah L and Kathy Thompson 1 Sarah L and Kathy Thompson 2 Susan Patcheat - Joann Sagar 2 Susan Patcheat - Joann Sagar Tammy S 1 Tammy S 2 Tammy S 3 Tammy S 4 Tammy S 5 x - Audrey Murphy 2 x - Audrey Murphy

Great thanks to all the quilters who made these beautiful quilts!  I know the children in Russia and Honduras who receive them will cherish them!




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