Quilts for Russia, Ethiopia and Haiti

This summer Cheryl and I received an absolute flood of beautiful quilts from the Hands 2 Help Charity Participants and the Sunshine Online Quilt Guild for upcoming deliveries to children in orphanages in Russia, Ethiopia and Haiti. Some of them have already headed to Russia and Haiti, and the remainder will be taken by me to Ethiopia in the spring. In fact, you’ve seen a few of these quilts in pictures from Haiti earlier this month!

The creators of the beautiful quilts in this wonderful visual feast are:
Adele Dizney
Adora George
Anita Stevens
Ann Skelton
Annette Renard
Carol Steely
Cathy Labath
Chris McNeil
Debbie Lamar
Jean Younghantz
Kathy Decker
Linda Roush
M. Kennison
Pam Stahl
Pat Parks
Rebecca Biddle
Rebecca Townsend
Sharon Vrooman
Sheila Nichols
Sherry Book
Sue Daurio

As always, hover over the picture with your cursor to see the name of the quilter, and click on the thumbnail to see it close up .

Adele D - H2H Adele D 2 Adora George 1 Adora George 2

Anita Stevens Ann Skelton Annette R.

Cathy L in Iowa 1 Carol S 3  Carol S

Carol S 2 Cathy L in Iowa 2  Cathy L in Iowa 3

Cathy L in Iowa 4 Chris McN Connie  Linda Roush 1

Jean Y - H2H Debbie L Kathy D for Eth

Linda Roush 2 Linda Roush 3 Linda Roush 4

Linda Roush 6 Linda Roush 5 Linda Roush 7  Pat Parks 2

Pat Parks 1 M Kennison 1 Rebecca B

M Kennison 2 Rebecca T  Sharon Vrooman 

Sherry Book 1Sherry Book 2  Pam Stahl H2H 

 Sue Daurio 2 Sue Daurio  Sheila Nichols

I know the children who receive these wonderful quilts will appreciate their warmth and beauty! Thank you so much, Ladies!



One Response to “Quilts for Russia, Ethiopia and Haiti”

  1. Carol E. Says:

    What a collection of gorgeous quilts!! Hooray for the quilters and for the children!

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