Beautiful Quilts from Anya, Sophia, Sue and Kathy

Anya from Montana has been a supporter of Quilts Beyond Borders for quite some time. She has donated more than two dozen quilts to us over the last year, and they’re always beautifully made. Anya has been joined by several friends in contributing these most recent quilts to us. Sophia pieced many of the quilts, and the fabrics were donated by Sue and Kathy.

If you hover your cursor over the pictures below you will see the name of the quiltmaker(s), as well as the panto that was used for the quilting.  The first 5 quilts were sent to Cheryl for our Russian delivery in July, and the last 6 will be accompanying me to Ethiopia in the spring.  Anya knows how much the Ethiopia children love soccer, so you can see soccer fabric and the soccer theme in some of the pantos as well.

Keukenhof by Patricia Ritter - Anya & Sophia Pansies by Patricia Ritter - Anya & Sophia Shari byAnn Bright - Anya & Sophia

Dragon Flies by Vicky Malaski - Anya & Sophia Falling leaves by Darlene Epp - Anya & Sophia

Flames Meander - Ellen Munich for Quilt Recipes -Anya & Sophia Alex by Anne Bright - Anya Little Hands by Anne Bright - Anya

Made by Sophia Meander by Ellen Munich - Anya Soccer Balls by Judith Kraker - Anya

Anya, Sophia, Kathy and Sue, thank you so much for your contributions to these wonderful quilts!  The children who receive them will love them!




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